hmv's Next Big Thing - January 6, 2016

hmv's Next Big Thing... #52 Frances
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

hmv's Next Big Thing... #52 Frances

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week we bring you rising singer-songwriter Frances...


Who Is She? 

Frances is 22-year old Sophie Frances Cooke, originally from Berkshire, now based up in Liverpool, she's caught the eyes and ears of plenty over the last few months with a series of singles, including the excellent 'Borrowed Time', which was written with Disclosure's Howard Lawrence. 


Who Does She Sound Like? 

A powerful voice which dominates every song it touches, think Feist, BANKS, Carole King, that sort of range...


Why Should I Be Excited?

Because she writes big, uplifting pop songs, the sing-a-long in your car type of pop songs, the kind you can never have too many of...


Can I Hear Something?

Sure, her new single 'Borrowed Time' is below for you and her album is available to pre-order on the right-hand side of the page. 


Things I've Never Said
Things I've Never Said Frances

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hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing