June 15, 2017

hmv staff's most played vinyl of 2017
by hmv

by hmv Staff

hmv London; 15/06/2017


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hmv staff's most played vinyl of 2017

This week at hmv, we are celebrating all things vinyl!

Our sale is still underway and you can get up to 50% off some of the greatest vinyl albums. If you’re still deciding what to buy, our staff have recommended these titles as must-buys!

In the spirit of vinyl week, we’ve had a look back at the albums released so far this year. And once again, we’ve reached out to our knowledgeable staff members to find out what’s been spinning the most on their turntables…


Pure Comedy

Father John Misty

Pure Comedy

“This album has a great feel to it - when I put it on I always go to a good place and it just makes me feel very happy.”

Paul, @hmvChichester


This Old Dog

Mac Demarco

This Old Dog

“Simply one of the best albums of the year. Mac Demarco takes on a more serious tone here, without losing his trademark quirk, and delivers one of his best albums. Often restrained, thoughtful and poignant - it's a beautiful record that just keeps giving on repeat listens. On A Level remains, for me, a personal favourite!”

Steven, @hmvAberdeen


"Awaken, My Love!"

Childish Gambino

Awaken, My Love!

“From first song to last this is a musical odyssey into all things awesome. Grooves, Soul and Zombies! its got you covered”

Mitch, @hmvWestfield


Emperor of Sand


Emperor of Sand

“A band I love, who don't seem to be able to bring out a duff album. As soon as I heard the first single, Sultan's Curse, I was hooked. And Show Yourself had me grinning (and singing) like an idiot. Couldn't wait for the album to come out. And it was worth it. My fave song on the album has to be Steambreather. Heavy, groovy and catchy. Everything an album has to be.”

Jamie, @hmvtweets


Run the Jewels 3

Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels 3

“Every track packs a punch, not a dull moment on this rambunctious album. Plus, who doesn’t love a gold vinyl?”

Colin, @hmvChichester





“We waited seven years to hear something new from Gorillaz, and boy was it worth waiting for! Humanz is full to the brim with wickedly delightful collaborations both old and new, even including Albarn’s britpop nemesis Noel Gallagher. Every playthrough of the album leaves me discovering something new and it constantly changes my perception, making it damn near impossible to choose a favourite track!”

Georgina, @hmvtweets





“Fantastic album and vinyl package; released as a 4x10" vinyl box set with individual spined covers and printed inner sleeves. If I don't have the time to listen to the whole release, I'll just work through one 10" at a time. A great album to both relax and work to.”

Darren, @hmvChichester






“Arguably their best record since their comeback in the late nineties! Debbie Harry is still sounding in fine form nearly forty years on from releasing the stone cold classic Parallel Lines, and there is a fine cast of songwriters who helped to create this brilliant album, which includes the likes of Johnny Marr and Charli XCX. Long Time in particular sounds fantastic.”

Gem, @hmvMiltonKeynes



Ed Sheeran


“Ed Sheeran has a fantastic voice. Each track on his latest album has it’s own great story that makes it worth listening to again and again!”

Sean, @hmvChichester


Is This the Life We Really Want?

Roger Waters

Is This The Life We Really Want?

“His first solo album in 25 years, Is This The Life We Really Want harkens back to the themes established in his Pink Floyd days with The Wall and Animals. This album is a perfect fusion of solid music and political fury. A welcome return from one of rock's most outspoken frontmen.”

Shane, @hmvSwindon