February 7, 2017

hmv Staff Vote For Their Favourite Love Songs
by hmv

by hmv Staff

hmv London; 07/02/2017


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hmv Staff Vote For Their Favourite Love Songs

It's coming up to the marmite of days, either you love it or you hate it - there is no in-between! Valentine's Day is speedily approaching and will be here before we all know it.

In the spirit of the international day of love, we decided to send out a poll to our staff members to find out what their favourite love songs are. Here are the tracks that made it into the top ten.

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Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael

1. Careless Whisper

George Michael

"I swear to god, I will find you in the next life and I'm gonna boombox Careless Whisper outside your window."

Molly, @hmvTelford


2. Kiss From A Rose


"Singing it drunkenly at karaoke makes me feel powerful and romantic!"

Richard, @hmvColchester


3. Love Story

Taylor Swift

"Not all love songs need to go into intense detail describing the sensation of love to be considered one and Love Story is one of those. This song is, in my opinion, beautifully written with enough depth in it to retell the story of Romeo & Juliet but simple enough to make it a chart topper."



4. Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran

"Its just a realy nice song and gets you into the lovey dovey mood."


At Last: The Best of Etta James

5. At Last

Etta James

"The intro to this song is not only the best to a love song but the best to any track ever! When Etta's vocals kick in I'm already in a tingly, seductive dream and that's where I stay for 3 glorious minutes."

Candice, @hmvBluewater

"I'm biased, but this is the song my husband and I picked as our first dance for our wedding last year. It was perfect, as we've been together for a long time and 'At Last', we were getting married. It's smooth, suggestible, and fun; Etta James' jazzy tones make it the perfect love song, and I can't help but tear up every time I hear that beautiful strings into."

Becky, @hmvWinchester

Stand By Me - The Platinum Collection

6. Stand By Me

Ben E. King

"Timeless classic taken from my favourite film."

Mark, @hmvEdinburgh

Love In The Future

7. All Of Me

John Legend

"My fiancée and I have chosen this as our first dance song for our wedding."

Daniel, @hmvAberdeen

"The song reminds you to be true to yourself. Because you're beautiful 100% the way you are."

Joanna, @hmvGloucester

The Very Best...and Beyond

8. I Want To Know What Love Is


"It reminds me of my first girlfriend at highschool."

David, @hmvLeeds

Brand New Eyes

9. The Only Exception


"Not really a fan of your average sappy love song, but this is a very sweet one. The lyrics mean a lot more to me than the others, and it builds to a great high note. LOVE!"

Kirsty, @hmvStratford

Elton John: The Classic Years

10. Your Song

Elton John

""Oh, I know it's not much but it's the best I can do. My gift is my song, and this one's for you." Beautiful lyrics." 

Ed, @hmvNottingham