hmv's Next Big Thing - August 7, 2014

hmv tips for 2014… Climates
by Wil
by Wil hmv London, Bio .

hmv tips for 2014… Climates

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week we look at rowdy hardcore types Climates…

Who Are They?

Climates are a five piece melodic hardcore band from Lincoln, fronted by singer Wes Thompson. Formed in 2012, they’ve already garnered fans across the UK and Europe, touring with such hardcore luminaries as A Day To Remember, Architects and Parkway Drive.

Who Do They Sound Like?

Like the best melodic hardcore bands. Think Counterparts or Alexisonfire. There’s loud guitars, feedback, soaring choruses and the odd bit of screaming when it’s needed.

Why Should I Be Excited?

Because they loud, raw and most importantly heartfelt – Wes Thompson’s lyrics add a surprisingly tender and existential touch to all the ruckus.

Can I Hear Something?

Of course. You can get their latest single ‘Heaven (Is Only In My Head)’ from our download store, and there’s a full-length album on the way in the autumn.

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hmv's Next Big Thing