January 1, 2014

hmv tips for 2014… Eliza And The Bear
by Tom
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hmv tips for 2014… Eliza And The Bear

Every day throughout January we're going to be introducing you to a new act who we think are going to everywhere in 2014. We kick off today with Eliza And The Bear, a band you'll be hearing a lot more about in 2014…


Who Are They?

Eliza And The Bear are a London five-piece who consist of vocalist/guitarist James Kellegher, keyboardist Callie Noakes, guitarist Martin Dukelow, bassist Chris Brand (bass) and drummer Paul Kevin Jackson. They've been going since 2011, but it's only in the latter months of 2013 that a buzz began building around the band, helped by their recent support tour with Paramore around UK arenas.


Who Do They Sound Like?

They are cut from the same cloth as US indie types like The Flaming Lips and Broken Social Scene in how they arrange their tracks with varied instruments and bursts of brass and percussion, but there's more exuberance and jubilance to Eliza And The Bear. They have the same ability to build to epic choruses as a young Coldplay did, which is quite something. Everything they create is insanely hummable and very, very heart-warming.


Why Should I Be Excited?

Aside from the outstanding quality of their tunes and excellent stage presence, last month they headlined London's Garage, a venue with a capacity of 600, and damn near sold it out. This is a band who've released two singles and couple of support tours, that never happens.


Can I Hear Something?

You can indeed. You can hear 'It Gets Cold' below and check out the rest of their catalogue in our download store here:

Eliza And The Bear - It Gets Cold

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