February 5, 2014

hmv tips for 2014… Modern Baseball
by Tom
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hmv tips for 2014… Modern Baseball

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week we bring you Maryland's Modern Baseball, you're going to adore them…


Who Are They?

Hailing from Maryland, the band consists of Brendan Lukens, Jacob Ewald, Ian Farmer and Sean Huber. Formed back in 2011, the band have toured relentlessly throughout their time together, pausing only in 2012 to record and release their debut album Sports. Actually, that's not true, they must have taken a little time off the road as their second record You're Gonna Miss It All is out on Monday…



Who Do They Sound Like?

The best bits of slacker punk, there's plenty of Jimmy Eat World in here in their mournful, love-lorn lyrics and fuzzy guitar lines, but the vocals have more swagger and sneer to them, much like Brand New or Taking Back Sunday in their delivery, full of purpose rather than pleading and lovelorn.


Why Should I Be Excited?

Because they wrote exceptional tracks, full of wit, humour and great choruses, that and the fact that they're over with Real Friends (who we wrote about last week and are rad too) for a tour in May. It's going to be brilliant.


Can I Hear Something?

Certainly, their recent single 'The Weekend' is below for you. It's a banger.

Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods Split
Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods Split Modern Baseball
Modern Baseball - The Weekend

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