February 12, 2014

hmv tips for 2014…Paul Thomas Saunders
by Tom
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hmv tips for 2014…Paul Thomas Saunders

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week we bring you Paul Thomas Saunders, a singer-songwriter like no other…


Who Is He?

Paul Thomas Saunders is a singer-songwriter from Leeds who has been quietly plying his trade since 2010. After a couple of mini-albums that drew considerable praise from critics and fans alike, he's been steadily working on his debut album Beautiful Desolation, which will come out on April 7th this year.


Who Does He Sound Like?

Saunders combines the glacial pop and majesty of Sigur Ros at their absolute height with the icy cool of Kraftwerk in terms of his sonic sense. Vocally he's quite close to Bombay Bicycle Club's Jack Steadman and Nick Drake, a kind of wispy drawl that wraps itself around the soundscapes. It's completely and utterly bewitching.


Why Should I Be Excited?

Because he makes colossal sounding soundscapes, the kind that soundtrack nature documentaries about the death of the planet, but gives them an incredible intimacy in their tone and feeling. Pretty special.


Can I Hear Something?

You can indeed. His new track 'Kawai Celeste' is below for your listening pleasure. You can check out his back catalogue in our download store here. 


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