January 11, 2014

hmv tips for 2014… Rat Attack
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio hmv.com Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

hmv tips for 2014… Rat Attack

Every day throughout January we're going to be introducing you to a new act who we think are going to everywhere in 2014. Today it’s anthemic rockers Rat Attack, they're going to blow up next year…


Who Are They?

Rat Attack are well travellers rockers Mike Hodges (Vocals), Charlie Wesson (Guitar), Dan Wilson (Bass) and James Flavell (Drums). Formed in 2010, they've gigged relentlessly for the last three years, supporting countless bands and gracing the smaller stages at many of the UK's festivals.


Who Do They Sound Like?

They sound like the exact moment where the angular ends of indie rock and the full thwack of hard rock meet. Beastie Boys, Refused, Fugazi, The Hives, The Gaslight Anthem, all hurled together in a fury of sound, energy and dynamite riffs.


Why Should I Be Excited?

Because they write grimy, but naggingly catchy rock songs and dominate every stage they take. That enough for you?


Can I Hear Something?

Naturally. Their single 'A Bird In The Hand' is below for you to take in. They tour with the Blackout later this month too.

Rat Attack - A Bird In Hand

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