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hmv Vinyl Week 2019: First exclusives revealed!
by James
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hmv Vinyl Week 2019: First exclusives revealed!

Heads-up, vinyl collectors! It's almost that time of year again with hmv Vinyl Week fast approaching, when you'll be able to get your hands on some exclusive, limited edition vinyl releases, as well as saving yourself some cash with some great bargains in our summer vinyl sale.

hmv Vinyl Week launches on June 7th with hundreds of vinyl LPs available at discounted prices. The really exciting part, however, comes on Saturday June 15th, which will see the arrival of dozens of limited edition vinyl LPs available only at hmv.

As ever, the exclusive titles will only be available in hmv stores and are available on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you get down to your local hmv store nice and early!

With hmv Vinyl Week emerging on the horizon we can now reveal the first batch of exclusive LPs coming to stores on Saturday June 15th. We'll be revealing more exclusives over the next two weeks, but for now here are the first exclusive titles coming to hmv Vinyl Week... 


Queen – The Works

(Clear vinyl, 1500 copies)*

Queen's eleventh studio album, originally released in 1984, saw a return to the band's more familiar rock style after the synth-heavy experimentation of its predecessor Hot Space and the Flash Gordon soundtrack, representing the beginning of a return to form for the band that would reach a peak with their iconic performance on the Live Aid stage just a year later.

The album was last made available on vinyl back in 2011, but our exclusive version of The Works will see the LP pressed onto clear vinyl for a limited run of 1500 copies, available exclusively at hmv stores.

Queen Works


Primal Scream – Maximum Rock 'n' Roll: Volumes 1 & 2

(Red / Green vinyl, 500 copies each)*

Hot on the heels of the release of two new singles compilations from Bobby Gillespie & co. last week, both volumes of Maximum Rock 'n' Roll will be joining our list of Vinyl Week exclusives on June 15th, with two special coloured vinyl editions heading to your local hmv store.

Volume 1, covering the period from 1985 to 2000, is pressed onto red vinyl, while Volume 2, covering the band's output from 2000 onwards, is pressed onto green vinyl. Both volumes are strictly limited to 500 copies each and are available exclusively at hmv.


Primal Scream 1

Primal Scream 2



The Clash – Combat Rock

(Moss Green vinyl, 1000 copies)*

After the expansive nature of its predecessor Sandinista!, which saw The Clash release their first (and only) triple LP – supposedly as a way of mocking their record label CBS – their follow-up Combat Rock was a much more succinct offering with just 12 tracks, but a couple of them turned out to two be the band's biggest hits.

Featuring both 'Rock the Casbah' and 'Should I Stay or Should I Go', Combat Rock originally arrived in 1982 and a special edition of the band's fifth LP, pressed onto 'moss green' vinyl and limited to 1000 copies, will be arriving in hmv stores on June 15th.

Combat Rock


The Yardbirds – Roger The Engineer

(3-Colour Split vinyl, 500 copies)*

Although officially titled simply Yardbirds, the first full-length album released in the UK by The Yardbirds has become affectionately known as Roger the Engineer thanks to the illustration on the album's cover artwork, featuring a drawing of the band's engineer Roger Cameron courtesy of rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja.

The only Yardbirds album to feature Jeff Beck on all of its tracks, prior to the guitarist's departure, their 1966 album joins our list of Vinyl Week exclusives with a special limited edition version of the LP pressed onto spectacular 3-colour split vinyl.



Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking

(Pink vinyl, 1000 copies)*

The second of a trio of albums released in 1969 by English folk-rock outfit Fairport Convention, Unhalfbricking sees the band moving away from the American influences apparent on their debut and into a much more folk-influenced sound, something that would fully develop on the album's follow-up Liege & Lief. Featuring several then-unreleased songs by Bob Dylan, the album also sees the emergence of vocalist Sandy Denny as one of the band's most talented songwriters, only for her to depart the following year.

Following our exclusive edition of Liege & Lief last year, Unhalfbricking becomes the latest Fairport Convention album to join our list of Vinyl Week exclusives and a limited edition version of the LP, pressed onto pink vinyl, will be winging its way into hmv stores on June 15th.



Various Artists – World of Mod

(Green vinyl, 500 copies)*

As Decca Records celebrate their 90th year, the label have unleashed a brand new compilation exclusively for hmv Vinyl Week, with a limited edition run of just 500 copies being pressed onto green vinyl and heading into stores along with all the other excluives on June 15th.

Celebrating the rise of the Mod scene in the 1960s, the new compilation World of Mod features anthems from the likes of Tom Jones, The Small Faces, David Bowie and many more.




Amy Winehouse – Frank

(Pink vinyl, 500 copies)**

It may have been with her second album Back to Black that Amy Winehouse really hit he big time, but for anyone who had heard her stunning debut album Frank, released three years earlier in 2003, her singular vocal talents were already obvious and it seemed like only a matter of time before the singer gained the respect she deserved.

Featuring production from hip-hop veterans Salaam Remi and Commissioner Gordon, Frank is a much more jazz-influenced record than its follow-up and although the album was reissued on vinyl in 2008, hmv Vinyl Week will see a limited edition version pressed onto pink vinyl heading exclusively to hmv stores, with just 500 copies available.



DJ Shadow – Endtroducing

(Blue vinyl, 1000 copies)**

First released in 1996 and famous for being the first album to be constructed entirely from samples, DJ Shadow's debut album was a game-changer in hip-hop and proved one of the most influential albums of its era, establishing its creator as one of the genre's most unique talents in the process.

Although Endtroducing is a fixture in the record collections of most DJs and serious collectors, hmv Vinyl Week offers the chance own the album on blue vinyl for the first time in the UK when our exclusive limited edition version of the LP drops into stores on June 15th.



Black Sabbath – 13

(Orange Flame vinyl, 1000 copies)**

The final album from heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath brought down the curtain on an illustrious career that has seen the Birmingham four-piece become a huge influence on a long list of bands – one that ncludes everyone from Van Halen to Nirvana. Although sadly missing the band's original drummer Bill Ward, 13 nevertheless saw Ozzy Osbourne return to vocal duties for the first time since 1978.

A new version of the album pressed onto stunning 'orange flame' vinyl joins our list of Vinyl Week exclusives on June 15th and is limited to just 1000 copies.



John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

(Green vinyl, 1000 copies)**

Arguably the jazz legend's finest work, A Love Supreme captures John Coltrane at his very best and is considered by some to be not only his masterpiece, but one of the finest jazz albums ever created. Recorded in just one session in 1964 and released the following year, the album cemented Coltrane's status as one of the finest musicians working in the genre, even drawing rare praise from Miles Davis.

A new limited edition version of Coltrane's masterpiece, pressed onto green vinyl and limited to 1000 copies, will be available exclusively at hmv in the UK on June 15th.



Queen – Greatest Hits

(Red vinyl, 2000 copies)**

First released in 1981 and featuring all of Queen's biggest hits from their earlier years, their legendary Greatest Hits compilation needs no introduction for the band's fans, but for the vinyl collectors amongst Queen's dedicated fanbase, hmv Vinyl Week offers an opportunity to get your hands on an exclusive limited edition version of their Greatest Hits collection, pressed onto red vinyl and set to arrive in hmv stores on June 15th.

Queen Greatest

* = Available exclusively at hmv

** = Available exclusively at hmv in the UK