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Iron Maiden’s The Book Of Souls - What You Need To Know
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Iron Maiden’s The Book Of Souls - What You Need To Know

The metal legends return with their first new album in five years and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background...

It’s been five years since Iron Maiden’s last studio album The Final Frontier and a lot has happened in between times. After playing to over two million people on the tour in support of The Final Frontier the band then hit the road again for their Maiden England tour, which focused largely on material from their 1989 album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. By the time that was finished in the summer of 2014, the band had played 100 shows and raked in almost $70 million in revenue, setting themselves up nicely for their next album.

After the tour wrapped up with a huge show at Knebworth last summer the band decamped to Paris’ Guillaume Tell Studios, the same studio where they made 2000’s beloved Brave New World, to record with producer Kevin Shirley. Here they stayed for two months, writing, recording and getting down the entire album, with a few finishing touches added earlier this year.

The plan was then to release the album in the spring of this year, but that hit a bump in the road when frontman Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed with cancer. The singer was forced to undergo seven weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for a cancerous tumour found at the back of his tongue, but has now made a full recovery and will be taking the album out on the road with the band next year.


Who’s Producing It?

Kevin Shirley, the man who has been behind the controls on every Iron Maiden album since Brave New World, he clearly knows how to make the metallers tick…


Any Special Guests?

Not really, unless you count Eddie, the band’s long-time mascot, who adorns the cover once again. This time he’s made to look a bit like a Mayan tribesman, a civilization with a belief that souls live on well after you die. You can see what they did there...


What Does It Sound Like?

The first thing to say is this a long record, it clocks in at 92 minutes in total and it’s the band’s first ever double album. Far from reining the epic tracks that made up The Final Frontier, the band have taken another step, three tracks cross the 10-minute mark and the shortest song on the album is just under five minutes long.

Elsewhere it’s classic Maiden, big chugging riffs, Dickinson on top form and lyrics that tell of classic battles gone before, you know what you’re in for.


Does It Deliver?

Clocking in at over an hour and a half this is a hefty commitment, but if you’ve followed Maiden on their epic and windy journey then you’ll want to come along for every second of it.


Iron Maiden’s new album The Book Of Souls is out now.

The Book Of Souls
The Book Of Souls Iron Maiden
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