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“This is a proper coming of age album” - taks to Izzy Bizu
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“This is a proper coming of age album” - taks to Izzy Bizu

Hotly-tipped soulstress Izzy Bizu unveils her debut album A Moment Of Madness today (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and we called her up to find out all about how to came together…


Your album’s out today! Have you had it ready for a while?

“I finished it a few months ago, but I wanted to have a good build up and to do as many festivals as I could, so that’s why I’ve held off until now.”


When were the songs written? Have you been collecting tracks for a while?

“Some of its was written a while ago, some are this year, it’s a range of tracks so you’ll get the last couple of years of my life.”


Which of the songs was the hardest to get right?

“I’d say ‘White Tiger’, we did it acoustically and I was struggling to get the production right, it took a lot of messing around to get it right.”


Can you sum up the album lyrically?

“It’s all from different experiences. They’re all quite different from each other, but you can tell they’re from the same place. This is a proper coming of age album.”


Who are some of your favourite lyricists?

“I’d say Marvin Gaye, he’s incredible, he can write about love as easily as he can think about politics with so much grace and soul. Also Amy Winehouse, I like how she puts everything on the line, and Tupac, he was the king.”


When did you settle on the album title?

“About a year ago. I was going through a time where I couldn’t handle my emotions and it sums up that time, it’s all okay now, but it’s nice to bookend it with this album.”


Finally what are your plans to take it out live?

“I’m excited to tour, but we’re still sorting it all out. We’ll see how the album goes down and then we’ll head out on the road.”

Izzy Bizu’s debut album A Moment Of Madness is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

A Moment of Madness
A Moment of Madness Izzy Bizu

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