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Jenny Lewis opens up about working with Ryan Adams on new album The Voyager
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Jenny Lewis opens up about working with Ryan Adams on new album The Voyager

Jenny Lewis has opened up about her work with Ryan Adams on her new record The Voyager, which is due out on Monday (July 28th). 

Speaking to hmv.com, in an interview you will be able to read in full tomorrow (July 24th), Lewis described Adams "a lot more like Phil Spector than not" and revealed he was a strict disciplinarian when it came to work on the album.

Asked what Adams was like as a producer, she said: "He’s a lot more like Phil Spector than not. He’s eccentric in the studio, you have to bend to his rule, there’s no room for you to be late or slack off, Ryan has so much energy and so much drive. His methods are difficult to understand at first, but by the end you’re like ‘This guy is an amazing producer’. He would wind me up, but always to make sure he got a good performance out of me."

Lewis also spoke about Adams' studio Pax-Am, which she revealed is full of Star Wars memorablia and photos of Adams' cats, adding: "It (Pax-Am) is amazing! It’s so f*****g cool. There’s so much beautiful vintage gear, beautiful analogue equipment, guitars everywhere and it's full of portraits of his cats and Star Wars paraphernalia. It’s right on the Sunset Strip, it’s really inspiring."

Jenny Lewis’s new album The Voyager will be released on Monday (July 28th) and is available for pre-order in hmv stores now.

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