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Jessie J's Sweet Talker - What You Need To Know
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Jessie J's Sweet Talker - What You Need To Know

Jessie J returns with her new album Sweet Talker next Monday (October 13th), here is everything you need to know about the singer’s third effort…


What’s the background?

With the release of her third album just days away, Jessica Cornish, as she’s known to her mother and father, hasn’t wasted any time in following up her 2013 second record Alive. Her new effort, which is titled Sweet Talker (which you can preview on the right hand side of the page), is billed as a return to the feisty, R’n’B tinged anthems of her multi-million selling debut Who You Are.

Alive didn’t bomb, it shifted over 100,000 copies in the UK and scored two top five hits in the shape of ‘Wild’ and ‘It’s My Party’, but given its predecessor shifted over two million copies, it was a noticeable step down.

With that in mind, Cornish has clearly decided to revert to what made her debut such a success, big booming beats, finger-wagging vocal lines and a series of big-name collaborations.



Who’s producing it?

The credit list for this album reads like the shopping list for any contemporary pop album. There’s a track with frequent Taylor Swift collaborator Max Martin, a cut with Diplo, another with Demi Lovato songwriter Josh Alexander, a slower track with Wayne Hector, the man behind many of One Direction’s biggest hits, a track from hotly tipped R’N’B star Sevyn Streeter and another from rising British soul man John Newman.


Any big-name collaborators?

Sure. There’s ‘Burnin’ Up’ with collaborator for hire 2Chainz, ‘Seal Me With A Kiss’ with rap legends De La Soul, and ‘Loud’, which features Lindsey Stirling. Then, of course, there’s monster hit ‘Bang Bang’, which has women of the moment Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.


What are the standout tracks?

‘Bang Bang’ and the ballad ‘Personal’ are the best of the bunch.



Does it deliver?

It’s certainly more of the moment than her previous effort was and will probably do much better commercially. That said, it’s not got the bounce or swagger of her debut and feels like a much more introspective record. Nothing wrong with that of course. 


Jessie J’s Sweet Talker is released on Monday (October 13th).

Sweet Talker
Sweet Talker Jessie J
Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

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