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Joanna Newson’s Divers - What You Need To Know
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Joanna Newson’s Divers - What You Need To Know

Joanna Newsom returns today with her brand new album Divers and here is everything we need to know about it...


A little background…

Joanna Newsom doesn’t rush her records. It’s five years since her last LP Have One On Me and it was four years before that when Ys, the record that got so many people to fall in love with her, emerged. But, after she finished touring Have One On Me, she’s kept herself busy with collaborations and her first major movie role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, released earlier this year (you can check that movie out here), as well as getting married to Brooklyn Nine Nine star Andy Samberg. Then after all that, she began sessions for what would become Divers.


Who’s Producing It?

For the second record in succession Newsom has self-produced the album, but she did lean on both Steve Albini and Noah Georgeson to help record the album


Any Special Guests?

Not nearly as many as Have One On Me, but there are appearances from Nico Muhly, Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth and Portland singer-songwriter Ryan Francesconi as well as the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


What Does It Sound Like?

This is a very different record from the epic opus that was Have One On Me. That album, all three discs and 18 tracks of it, was a sharp departure from Ys, which only had five songs on the whole record. This is somewhere in between.

The mixture of jazz, blues, country and classical that made up most of her previous LP takes a backseat here in favour of Newson’s very avant garde take on electronica. Recorded using almost a dozen different keyboards and synths as well as clavichords, mellotrons and Marxophones (look them up, we had to…). It’s a harsher album in parts, but there’s still lots of lovely lush cinematic sweeping moments as well as still plenty of stripped back beauty, in particular the stunning single ‘Sapokanikan’


Does It Deliver?

Like every record Newsom puts out this is going to take many, many listens before you get inside it, but, trust us, it’ll be just as rich and rewarding when you get to that place.


Joanna Newsom’s new album Divers is out now.

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