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Joni Mitchell’s condition “stronger” after hospitalisation
by John
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Joni Mitchell’s condition “stronger” after hospitalisation

A statement posted on Joni Mitchell’s official website has given an update as to the singer’s condition and collapsing in her Los Angeles home on March 31st.

The singer, 71, is still in intensive care, according to the note and asks fans to “light a candle and sing a song, let’s all send good wishes her way.”

The message continued to say that Mitchell is “awake and in good spirits” and that she regained her consciousness during the journey to the hospital and that her condition appears to be improving.

“Joni remains under observation in the hospital and is resting comfortably”, the note continued. “We are encouraged by her progress and she continues to improve and get stronger each day.”

Mitchell is one of folk music’s most enduring stars, with her albums Blue and Court and Spark considered classics in the genre.

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