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Katy Perry's Smile - What You Need To Know
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Katy Perry's Smile - What You Need To Know

Katy Perry makes it six albums and counting today (August 28th) with the release of Smile. Here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background...

After returning from her touring commitments in support of 2017's Witness, a worldwide arena jaunt that featured more than 110 shows and grossed over $80 million at the box office, Perry has taken her time putting together her next project. 

Work on what has turned out to be Smile has sat alongside Perry's TV commitments, with her stint as a judge on American Idol, and fashion lines. 

The slow pace, it turned out, was for good reason. Perry and her fiance Orlando Bloom have just (we mean just, it was yesterday...) welcomed their first child. 

Even if she could tour, it probably won't be for a good while...


Who's producing it?

The credit list for this album is a long old read and only a handful of collaborators feature on more than one track. 

In terms of big names, dance maestro Zedd helped pen 'Never Really Over', while Charlie Puth assisted with 'Harleys In Hawaii'. 

Swedish pop titans OzGo, Carolina Liar man Peter Karlsson, Sophie Cooke, better known as Frances, and The Monsters & Strangerz, who helped Dua Lipa write a lot of her new LP Future Nostalgia, are all on there too. 


Any special guests?

There's a lot of production and writing talent on this album, but there are no guest appearances. The closest we get is on the title track, which is built around a sample of Naughty by Nature's 1999 hit 'Jamboree'.


What does it sound like?

Perry built her fanbase and reputation on cheeky, Day-Glo pop, all bright colours and enormous choruses. But, with each passing LP, she moves further and further away from that. 

Smile is slower, more elegant and far more earnest than anything Perry has done before, but there are still those big old choruses. 


Does it deliver?

If you long for the tongue-in-cheek visuals and over the top sonics of Teenage Dream and One Of The Boys, then it's unlikely you'll be too keen. But this is a more coherent and intricate listen with plenty of gorgeous melodies and pop sheen. 


Katy Perry's new album Smile is out now in hmv stores and is available to purchase here in hmv's online store. 

Smile (hmv Exclusive)
Smile (hmv Exclusive) Katy Perry

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