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Kodaline’s newest video is being directed by… Courteney Cox?
by John
by John hmv Dublin, Bio established in 1981... Editor, Ireland & Northern Ireland

Kodaline’s newest video is being directed by… Courteney Cox?

The Irish rockers have enlisted the help of a former Friend for their latest promo video.

Despite being known for her time in front of the camera rather than behind it, Courteney Cox is currently working on making her music video debut when she directs the newest Kodaline music video.

Introduced to the band by her fiancé, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid who was producing the band, Cox immediately felt drawn to the band and had a concept immediately.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Cox said: “I’m directing a video for a band right now called Kodaline. They’re amazing.

“My fiancé had produced a track with them and when they were doing it at the studio, I said, ‘Guys, I have to direct this video.’ I felt it, I saw it.”

McDaid co-wrote the upcoming Kodaline track ‘Love Will Set You Free’ but it’s not yet clear if that is in fact the song that the band are shooting with Cox, who made her directorial debut is last year’s Just Before I Go.


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