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Labrinth on his new album: "I wanted something challenging and less-pop driven"
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Labrinth on his new album: "I wanted something challenging and less-pop driven"

Labrinth has given an update on his new album Take Me To The Truth and has revealed that he has moved away from the glossy, pop R'N'B of his debut Electronic Earth (which you can preview on the right of the page).

The singer is best known for his hit singles 'Earthquake' and 'Beneath Your Beautiful', but told in a new interview that he has moved away from that sound on his second LP. 

Asked what people could expect from his new album, the singer replied: “I was looking for a sound, the sound came to me about halfway through. I wanted to make an album that was less pop-driven and to make an album that was truthful, not an album that was just focused on the lucrative aspects of the music industry.”

Then asked about for more detail and what influences had inspired the new album, he replied: “Naturally I’m a very soulful artist, I listen to so much music, I’m really into the Radiophonic Workshop, I look for innovative music, music that sounds like craft work, music where you can hear how much work has gone into it. I’ve come to think of pop records as great advert music, sing-a-long lullabies, I wasn’t going for that on this album, I wanted something challenging, real concepts and to give more background. I didn’t want to make an album that said ‘Hey baby, let’s go to the club and drink some vodka’ 10 times.”

He then expanded on his need for something "challenging" and revealed he believes a lot of modern pop-songwriting is driven by formulas, adding: "Pop isn’t massively challenging musically, pop songwriting has a formula, you can write it on a blackboard, you follow that formula and you’ll get a big pop tune out of that. I wanted to find something new, something with creativity, it’s a very sensitive thing to do, you could easily fall into self-indulgence, but I feel like I’ve found a healthy place."

Take Me To The Truth will be released next year and includes new single 'Jealous', which you can hear below. 



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