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Lamb Of God open up about their Burn The Priest covers album and their future plans
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Lamb Of God open up about their Burn The Priest covers album and their future plans

For the first five years of their career, Southern friend Virginia metallers Lamb Of God were known as Burn The Priest. They released one full-length effort, but after a series of line-up changes and a change in direction, they decided to rebrand as Lamb Of God. 

Now though, they've resurrected Burn The Priest for a new album of covers of the classic punk and hardcore bands they grew up idolising. The album, titled Legion: XX, sees the band putting their own spin on tracks from Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Quicksand, Bad Brains, Melvins and Ministry. 

As the album comes to shelves (you can purchase it on the right-hand side of the page), we spoke to guitarist Mark Morton about why they resurrected Burn The Priest and what the future holds for Lamb Of God...


When did the idea to become Burn The Priest once again come about?

"We've talked about doing a Burn The Priest cover project for a long time. When we realized it was around the 20th anniversary of the original BTP album and we had the opportunity to make it happen, it just seemed like now was time to do it."


How did you decide which bands you wanted to cover?

"We all pitched in lists of songs that we were individually interested in covering and then just sort of weeded through it."


What was the hardest cover to get right? And which was the easiest?

"I don't know that any of them were particularly difficult or simple. From my perspective, it was more a matter of finding the balance between doing the original versions justice while at the same time making them feel like our own representation."


Were there any covers you tried which you ended up scrapping?

"Surprisingly, no, that didn't happen."


When did you decide to call it Legion: XX?

"Over the course of recording for the project we all started kicking around title ideas. Legion: XX is what we landed on. I really dig it."


What are your plans to take the album out live? Will you be performing live as Burn The Priest?

"We'll very likely be playing a song or two from the Burn The Priest album on our upcoming tour with Slayer."


How are things going with Lamb Of God? Have you been working on new material?

"Individually, we're always collecting ideas for new material. I know I’ve got some new stuff ready to present to the band, and I'm quite sure Willie does as well. We haven't "officially" started working as a band on new Lamb material, but there are definitely new ideas coming together. It'll definitely be exciting to dig into all that ....hopefully soon!"


Burn The Priest's new album Legion: XX is out now and available here in hmv's online store. 

Legion: XX
Legion: XX Burn the Priest

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