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"Songwriting is still a mystery to me” – talks to Laura Welsh
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"Songwriting is still a mystery to me” – talks to Laura Welsh

We chat to rising star Laura Welsh about her debut album Soft Control, why songwriting will always remain a mystery to her and 50 Shades Of Grey


Your song ‘Undiscovered’ is on the 50 Shades Of Grey soundtrack, how have you found the reaction?

“It’s been incredible. The song wasn’t written for the film, but the producers liked it and wanted it for the film. It’s incredible to be amongst artists like Annie Lennox and Beyonce, it’s been great.”


It’s not on your debut album, why’s that?

“It had to be exclusive for the soundtrack unfortunately.”



It must have been a big boost for you…

“It’s great how it’s worked out, it’s a nice surprise.”


Your album Soft Control is out now (you can preview it on the right hand side of the page), have you had it finished for a while?

“Yeah, it’s been finished for quite a few months actually, so I’m so happy that it’s finally out. It’s been such a long time that I’m already in the studio again. I managed to keep busy, I did a track with Gorgon City and I went round a lot of the festivals with them so it then made sense to put my album out in 2015.”


How was the album recorded? In bits and pieces?

“I took a few months to write and not play shows, right after my band (Welsh was the singer in Laura and the Tears) fell apart, so it was during that time that I decided to figure out what I wanted to do. I went to LA, New York and London to record, just because that’s where the people I wanted to work with were based.”


You worked with Dev Hynes, Greg Kurstin and lots of other incredible people on the album, how did all that come together?

“They were people I knew and wanted. I love Dev Hynes, I love the way he writes, he was really brilliant at getting what I wanted. I wanted to work with people who would help me get myself across, I did a lot of the album with Robin Hannibal, I loved … before I worked with him and he was an absolute pleasure.”



How did you find co-writing?

“Songwriting is still a mystery to me, it doesn’t matter how many sessions I do, who I work with, whether I sit down with an acoustic guitar on my own or go in with a seasoned songwriter, I have no idea how things will work. Sometimes it’s a lyric and no music, sometimes it’s a hook, it’s so different every time.”


How would you sum up this record lyrically?

“It’s a very personal album, there are touches of relationships that I’ve had in the past, it’s not all about love though, it’s me coming to terms with where I’ve been and taking control of the situation. It’s quite dark, but some are darker than others. I can only write from personal experience, about situations that are close to me.”


Finally, how much live stuff do you have lined up?

“I’ve got my first US shows, which I’m really excited about, then I’m supporting Years & Years. We’re lining up stuff for the summer now and I’m already writing again, I’m already looking for new music.”


Laura Welsh’s debut album Soft Control is out now. You can preview it on the right-hand side of the page.

Soft Control
Soft Control Laura Welsh
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