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Led Zeppelin to release new deluxe edition of Physical Graffiti in February
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Led Zeppelin to release new deluxe edition of Physical Graffiti in February

Led Zeppelin are to re-release their classic album Physical Graffiti next month to coincide with its 40th anniversary. 

The album has been remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page and the new edition will feature a companion disc of seven previously unreleased tracks, which include rough mixes of the songs 'In My Time Of Dying' and 'Houses Of The Holy'. 

The album was first released on February 24th in 1975 and will be reissued on February 23rd 2015, almost exactly 40 years to the day. 

The reissue also features a number of different takes on the band's classic hits. The album will include an early mix of 'Trampled Under Foot', which is called 'Brandy & Coke', the Sunset Sound mix of 'Boogie With Stu' and 'Driving Through Kashmir,' as well as a "rough orchestra mix" of the band’s eight minute track 'Kashmir', as well as 'Everybody Makes It Through,' an early version of 'In The Light' with alternate lyrics.

Led Zeppelin reissued their first five studio albums in 2014. You can preview the original edition of Physical Graffiti on the right of the page. 


The 'Physical Graffiti' tracklisting is as follows:

Disc One

'Custard Pie'
'The Rover'
'In My Time Of Dying'
'Houses Of The Holy'
'Trampled Under Foot'

Disc Two

'In The Light'
'Down By The Seaside'
'Ten Years Gone'
'Night Flight'
'The Wanton Song'
'Boogie With Stu'
'Black Country Woman'
'Sick Again'

Companion Audio Disc

'Brandy & Coke' (Trampled Under Foot - Initial Rough Mix)
'Sick Again' (Early Version)
'In My Time Of Dying' (Initial Rough Mix)
'Houses Of The Holy' (Rough Mix With Overdubs)
'Everybody Makes It Through' (In The Light Early Version/In Transit)
'Boogie With Stu' (Sunset Sound Mix)
'Driving Through Kashmir' (Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix)

The remastered edition of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti will be available on the 23rd of Feb. Pre-order your copy in-store now and save 10%

Physical Graffiti
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