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Lewis Capaldi is named hmv Artist of the Year 2019
by James
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Lewis Capaldi is named hmv Artist of the Year 2019

After a stellar year that has seen Scottish singer-songwriter release his debut album, perform a triumphant set at Glastonbury and witness one of the songs from his debut LP become the first by a Scottish artist to top the Billboard charts since 1981, you'd think that 2019 could hardly get any better for Lewis Capaldi.

Well, it just has.

Capaldi has been named hmv's Artist of the Year for 2019 in recognition of an amazing year for the Glasgow-born artist, whose debut LP Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent shot straight to the top of the UK Album Chart on its release in May this year.

Not only has Lewis been named our Artist of the Year, he's also made a cheeky appearance in our new Christmas ad: take a look below...


An extended version of his debut LP (or the “cash-grab version”, to quote the man himself), which adds three new songs to the tracklist including the recent single 'Before You Go', is available in now in your local hmv store. And yes, we're open.

Speaking about Capald's cheeky comments in the ad, hmv owner Doug Putman said: “We loved this. To be fair to Lewis, a lot of people seem to think we’d closed down so we thought we’d let people know that #hmvisopen in stores and online.”

The hmv owner added: “If I had a pound for every time that someone told me that they thought hmv had gone out of business, I’d be a very rich man. As it is, we’re thriving and are selling more vinyl, Blu-Ray films, audio technology and books than ever. Hopefully this advertising campaign and Lewis’ gaffe will help put the rumours of our demise to bed once and for all.”


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