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Lower Than Atlantis on their plans for their next album: “We’ll never go political”
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Lower Than Atlantis on their plans for their next album: “We’ll never go political”

Lower Than Atlantis have given an update on their plans for the follow-up to their self-titled album.

The band released their fourth album in October last year (you can preview it on the right-hand side of the page) and have been touring it ever since.

Last time round, the band released an album on new label Sony after parting ways with Island Records after just one album, but, speaking to at Slam Dunk Festival, bassist Dec Hart and guitarist Ben Sansom said that no such split is on the cards this time.

Sansom said when asked about the band’s plans for album number five: “We’re definitely in a much better position. Obviously it didn’t work out over at Island, but we’re already talking to Sony about the next album. Everyone seems excited for what next”, Hart added: “We’ve never really had the ability to just make an album and know what’s going to happen, we’ve always recorded it and figured it out, so it’ll be nice to not have that to think about.”

Then asked if the band’s stability meant they might make a happier record, Hart promised it’d still be just as downbeat and that they wouldn’t be going political. He said: “No, there’s always something bad going on. You can always find something bad to write about it. We’ll never go political, we know that. You can only pull that stuff off if you’re someone like Frank Turner, we try and enjoy ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. Politics wouldn’t fit with that.”

But the band say we shouldn’t expect their next album anytime soon, with Hart adding: “Normally we go straight into the next one, but I think we want to hold off for a while, we’d really like to get the most out of this record.”

The band also spoke about their biggest UK tour to date, which is booked for December (you can find the dates here), with Hart adding: “It’ll be incredible, it’s venues we’ve supported bands at for years. The Roundhouse in particular is a real life goal ticked off. We can’t wait.”

Finally asked if it would mark the end of their campaign in support of their self-titled album, Sansom said: “It’ll be the last over here, but we might do something else. Probably next year’s festival season will be the end. But we don’t really know.”

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