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Marianne Faithfull claims her ex-boyfriend "killed" Jim Morrison
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Marianne Faithfull claims her ex-boyfriend "killed" Jim Morrison

Marianne Faithfull has claimed that her ex-boyfriend Jean de Breteuil was responsible for the death of Jim Morrison. While there have long been rumours that The Doors frontman died from a drug overdose, the official cause of death was listed as heart failure aggravated by heavy drinking. But Faithfull has now told Mojo Magazine that her boyfriend at the time, heroin dealer Breteuil, supplied Morrison with the drugs that killed him.

According to the singer, she was in Paris with Breteuil in July 1971 when he excused himself to visit Morrison’s apartment. “I could intuitively feel trouble,” she told the magazine. “I thought, I’ll take a few Tuinal (a barbiturate sedative) and I won’t be there. And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him. “

“I mean I’m sure it was an accident,” she continued. “Poor bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died. And I didn’t know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now. Except me.”

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