November 18, 2013

Meet your new favourite band. They’re called Lonely The Brave…
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Meet your new favourite band. They’re called Lonely The Brave…

One name you’re all certain to be hearing a lot in 2014 is Lonely The Brave. The Cambridge five-piece play the kind of hopeful, heart-swelling rock that transcends all trends and fads and are sure to find their way into lots of record collections for their debut album The Day’s War, which is due out in early 2014.

We caught up with drummer Gavin 'Mo' Edgeley and guitarist Mark Trotter at last weekend’s Warped Tour UK to get the lowdown on their debut album.


So what’s the status with the record? Is it done? Or do you still have work to do?

Mo: It’s done. We’ve not got a 100% release date yet, but it’ll definitely be out in the first part of the year. It’s definitely good to go.


And do you have a title yet?

Mo: Absolutely. It’s called The Day’s War.


What inspired that? Is there a track called that on the record?

Mo: There is indeed, but as a name, it just felt like it really summed up where we were at the time.

Mark: There were times where it just felt like we had to get through it, so it sums that up quite nicely.


And what can we expect from the record? Will there be any tracks from the Backroads EP?

Mark: There’ll be a couple from the EP, obviously it makes sense for us to include a few tracks that people know and are already out there, but obviously it’ll mostly be new stuff.


What was the recording like? Was it a stressful process?

Mark: To be honest, it was mostly pretty chilled out. We had everything ready to go when we got into the studio and we just like to get on with things and get them down as quickly as we can. All the tracks were written, so it was just a case of making sure we got them right. All in all it was about six weeks.

Who’s produced the record?

Mo: A guy called Mark Williams; he’s worked with Biffy Clyro, Million Dead, Oceansize, loads of bands we really love. Our manager recommended him to us and it just seemed like a really nice fit.


Is a very different sounding record from your EP? Is it sonically bigger?

Mark: No, it’s very much in the same vein as our EP. We weren’t looking to add too much, we want the record to be a good reflection of what we do live; we didn’t want trickery or loads of extra instrumentation. It represents us really well.


Talk about the lyrics on the record, what kind of themes are you writing about?

Mo: I think it’s fair to say that a lot of the songs have been inspired by hopeful struggle.

Mark: There’s a lot of introspection, everyone goes through things, there are songs about all the events that we’ve gone through as people and as a band.


When did you write the tracks that have made the album? Are they all new? Or are there some older songs?

Mo: It’s a mixture of both. There are some that are from a few years back as well as some newer stuff. We wanted it to flow and as a result a lot of stuff got pushed to the side.

Mark: We wanted to make sure it was cohesive as a record and not just a collection of songs. A lot of our favourite records feel like they’re journeys and that’s what we wanted to do.


Lonely The Brave tour the UK with Don Broco later this month. Their Backroads EP is out now.

Lonely The Brave - Black Saucers

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