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Melanie C's Melanie C: What You Need To Know
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Melanie C's Melanie C: What You Need To Know

After a post-Spice Girls career that has seen Melanie C release seven albums under her own name and, more recently, embarking on a reunion with her former bandmates that saw them touring the world together for the first time in years, the singer headed back into the studio to begin crafting her next solo record, one which has decided – eight albums in – to self-title.

Her new studio album Melanie C makes its arrival in stores today, here's everything you need to know about it...


A little background...

The recording of the new album was, of course, preceded by a Spice Girls reunion that too in a huge world tour, and while the singer had expressed nerves about stepping back into her former 'Sporty Spice' persona, it seems to have been something of an invigorating experience for her and no time was wasted in getting back down to writing new material once the tour had wrapped in 2019.

In the meantime, some big changes were made, with a new management and A&R team installed, and the singer first began speaking about her new record earlier this year, describing the new album in an interview with BBC Music as a “pop-dance record”.

The first single 'Who I Am' landed in March, while the album and its title announced a few months later in June this year.


Who's producing it?

There are several producers who contribute to the new album, including George Reid, Billen Ted, One Bit, Paul O'Duffy and Ten Ven.


Any special guests?

Just the one in terms of guest performers, with Nadia Rode featuring on recent single 'Fearless' (the video for which you can find at the bottom of this page).


What does it sound like?

Even during her time as a Spice Girl, it was obvious that Melanie C was the group's outstanding vocal talent and in the early stages of her solo career, she put that powerful voice to great use on shiny pop hits such as 'I Turn to You' and 'Never Be the Same'. Here, though, while the power and range are still a key feature, that voice imbues quiet confidence and intimacy as it floats over moody synths and driving rhythms that seem aimed squarely at the dancefloors of the gay clubs in which the singer has enjoyed continued support and success since her solo career began.

That confidence surfaces in the lyrics too; tracks like 'Who I Am' and 'Fearless' depict a journey to self-acceptance that may offer an explanation as to why she has chosen to self-title her eighth album, and you get the sense that she as finally arrived, musically speaking, at a place that feels like home.

Beyond the mentioned tracks above, one the other standouts turns out to be one of the album's more downtempo moments in 'Nowhere to Run', whose bubbling synth lines give a darker edge to anything else on the record.


Does it deliver?

Melanie C has enjoyed plenty of solo hits since the split of her former group, but in terms of a complete body of work the new album feels more cohesive and, taken as a whole, it may well be her best yet. Her longtime fans will no doubt enjoy it, but it's an album good enough to turn a few other heads too.


Melanie C
Melanie C Melanie C

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