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Metallica guitarist loses 250 recorded riffs
by John
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Metallica guitarist loses 250 recorded riffs

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has some explaining to do to the rest of his bandmembers after losing his iPhone which contained 250 new song ideas and riffs.

Speaking on a US podcast, Hammett said that his iPhone has been missing for six months and he hasn’t been able to retrieve it.

“I lost my iPhone with 250 musical ideas and I was crushed”, Hammett said. “It didn’t get backed up.”

“I just chalked it down to ‘Maybe It just wasn’t meant to be’, and I’ll just move forward with it. All you musicians out there who use your phone, make sure it’s backed up, right?”

Hammett has recently spoken of Metallica’s follow-up album to 2008’s Death Magnetic, stating that the new record is around 25% done – but one wonders what that percentage would be now had the band’s guitarist not misplaced his phone.

You’ll have your chance to see Metallica this summer when they headline the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

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