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Where To Start With… Metronomy
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Where To Start With… Metronomy

Electro experimentalists, nu-folk revivalists and nu-rave hedonists, over the course of the 16 years of their existence, Metronomy have pretty much done it all. The band, which is basically frontman Joseph Mount and a differing band of backers, return today with their fifth album in all, titled Summer 08.

The band’s new album is the first to be recorded solely by Mount since their debut effort Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe) and is a dive into disco and electronica, all with the band’s signature lo-fi tinge. You can preview and purchase the album on the right-hand side of the page and enjoy recent single ‘Old Skool’ below, but to celebrate the band’s return we’ve had a dig through their back catalogue and present Metronomy’s five finest moments…


‘You Could Easily Have Me’

Metronomy’s 2006 debut album is a bit of scrappy affair, mainly acting as a showcase for Mount’s ability to create catchy electro grooves and to add a serious injection of quirk into pop music, but this, the album’s opener, is still a big old tune.


‘A Thing For Me’

2008’s Nights Out is the band’s party album, full of upbeat gems like this, with wonky synths and choruses that will remain in your head for days and days, but with the added twist that they could have easily been recorded on a casio keyboard left lying around in a cupboard. No gloss or sheen, just good electro pop.



Another cut from Nights Out, this is a slower track, but still with a huge melody and chorus and always a live favourite in the band’s set.


‘Everything Goes My Way’

To be honest we could have chosen just about anything from the band’s stunning 2011 album The English Riviera, but we’ve plumped for the gorgeous ‘Everything Goes My Way’. A duet with Veronica Falls’ Roxanne Clifford, it’s a whimsical

‘I’m Aquarius’

After the success of The English Riviera Mount decided to set himself a different challenge for the follow-up. Recorded at London’s Toe Rag Studios, where all the gear is analogue (it’s where the White Stripes recorded Elephant), the album is far more indebted to latter days Beatles and early soul than anything else, but it’s still a great listen. ‘I’m Aquarius’ was the lead-off single and perfectly encapsulates the album’s minimal production and lush melodies.


Metronomy’s new album Summer 08 is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

Summer 08
Summer 08 Metronomy

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