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Michael Eavis: plans to relocate Glastonbury festival “on the backburner now”.
by James
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Michael Eavis: plans to relocate Glastonbury festival “on the backburner now”.

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has moved to distance himself from rumours that the UK’s most famous music festival could move to a new site permanently in 2018. Loaded had reported earlier this week that Eavis confirmed plans to move the site “20 miles up the road”, with Longleat Safari Park being suggested as the possible new venue.

However, Eavis has now told the Glastonbury Free Press that although there are plans for a separate festival - potentially at the Longleat site - in the next fallow year when Glastonbury traditionally takes a break, any such plans are “on the back burner now”, adding that: "It’s important that we try another site. We could have all kinds of problems here with livestock, which could close us down. Longleat is only 18 miles down the road, and it looks like a good place if we ever did an alternative site."

Emily Eavis also moved to insist in an interview with the BBC that Glastonbury would always be at Worthy Farm and that any new festival at Longleat would likely operate under another name.

Michael Eavis also commented on the horrendous traffic problems that have plagued festivalgoers’ journeys to the site this year: “There were tailbacks in places there used to be 10 or 15 years ago. Things have been much better in recent years, but the weather in advance this year has been a real problem. We’ve got an incredible crew, but the conditions have been against us. Unfortunately, some people were sat in their vehicles for a long time. Their spirit is wonderful, though.”

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