My Record Collection - November 13, 2018

My Record Collection by Exploded View's Anika Henderson
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My Record Collection by Exploded View's Anika Henderson

In My Record Collection, we dig down to the bottom of musicians' souls to find out what the most treasured parts of their record collection are. This week, it's the turn of Anika Henderson from post-punk types Exploded View. Let's see what she offers up...


The first record I ever bought with my own money was…

"It was either Spice Girls, Boyz II Men, Mary J Blige, Nsync, Misteeq, Lady Dynamite, Craig David, Pulp, the Seahorses, Travis, Shania Twain or Madonna. I had eclectic taste..."

The record that made me want to be in a band was…

"I never really wanted to be in a band but once I met Sharin Foo from the Raveonettes and she somehow made it seem possible. She’s very cool and also very kind. That's the best combination."

The record I've played more than any other is…

"This is Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill As the youngest of three, my older sister a jungle head, my brother a (UK late 90s, early 00s) drum n bass DJ, the only way I could listen to music was on my Walkman or very quietly because otherwise, someone would say "what's this rubbish?” and turn it off."

"This record was one of those I used to listen to at night, on my Walkman. The sincerity of the voice, the pain, the joy and the filterless emotions that shine through in every song. When such a sensitive soul gets put on a pedestal, it must be by no means easy for that individual."


The record that always makes me feel good is…

"This would be Dusty: The Very Best Of Dusty Springfield. Dusty was a great selector and certainly in charge of her own shit. She seemed to create this sweet flower of a character as a vessel for her art and at the same time remained the boss. It's one of the few examples of this."

"She has a great voice and the instrumentation of those 60s big budget bands is just magic. It's enough to shake you out of any bad mood and have you dancing around the kitchen in no time. There are also some very sweet ballads, like 'It's Gonna Rain Today', which I could listen to time after time."


The record I turn to when I'm feeling down is…

"For this one, I'd have to say Aretha Franklin's 'Respect'. It's sad to learn of Aretha's passing. She had this kind of electricity in her voice that she could transfer over record. This urgency, fire, passion, totally owning her space. That kind of attitude and guts are rare in the form of a strong woman. It's proper girl power music."


The record I think is the most underrated of all time is…

"It's Scratcha DVA - Pretty Ugly. I love this record. Perhaps because I grew up in the late 90s, early 00s London suburbs, so can identify with many of the layers. Sneaking off to London and into dodgy garage and drum n bass club nights with DJ EZ, bingo beats, MJ Cole."

"It's so nicely crafted and feels like a natural progression through the record. It's one of those where I play the vinyl through, both sides, and then again. Worth the turning and attention."


The record with my favourite cover art is…

"The Durutti Column’s sandpaper cover. It was from the days of vinyl and was designed with a sandpaper cover, to destroy the covers of the vinyl either side of it. Proper punk."



The record with my favourite title is…

"Emiliana Torrini - Love In The Time Of Science. I was a fan of Emilinia Torrini growing up because she had this sweet voice but used to feature on drum n bass and have these gritty records. This title for me, points to the weird, seemingly contradictory measures of today's music. Sadly, or perhaps not, I am very much ruled by heart and music is an outlet for all these confusing emotions. Many see emotions as a weakness; the show of love as vulnerability; or they interpret them as insincere."

"Science can be controlled, it's a controlled form of measurement, of explaining, a formula for success. Science rules; many are more concerned with measuring out the ingredients than going with gut. The gut is arguably informed by experience, and of course, there are many musical traditions that require knowledge, extreme study and rules but they also acknowledge that once the rules are learnt, the emotion or love can interweave or be the cream or the stirring spoon and play the tune."


The record I can't understand why everybody loves is…

"I don’t like to badmouth generally, but the initials are E.S..."


The last record I bought was…

"This was Ms Banks - The Coldest Winter Ever. I heard Ms Banks at Popkultur in Berlin. Great live show. It made me miss London a lot. I also picked up Amen Dunes - Freedom."


The record I'm most looking forward to hearing in 2018 is…

"Beak>'s new record. I love Beak>. They have a special magic, as the number three. They taught me to set up a stage like a studio rehearsal, lots about the positioning of the amps, playing quite low but exact, leaving space for each other in the music."

"This creates a unique perfectionist yet warming live environment. Now that Will has joined, instead of Matt, the chemistry of the three is very different but it's still captivating. Can't wait to see them live in Berlin for the full experience."


The greatest record of all time is…

"Either Prince Purple Rain, or Grace Jones Nightclubbing or all by Billie Holiday or Psychic Tv’s Orchids, Or Dusty Springfield: Best of, or Lauren Hill’s Miseducation, or Bob Dylan or King Tubby or Blondie or Cher or Solange Seat at the Table or Nina Simone or all of them! Reasonable doubts give way to willful belief."


Exploded View's new album Obey is out now and available here in hmv's online store. 

Obey Exploded View

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