My Record Collection - July 1, 2014

My Record Collection by Jonathan Boulet
by Tom
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My Record Collection by Jonathan Boulet

In My Record Collection, we dig down to the bottom of musicians' souls to find out what the most treasured parts of their record collection are. This week, it's the turn of Australian singer-songwriter Jonathan Boulet, let's see what he's picked out..


The first record I ever bought with my own money was…

"It was Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. It was 2002, I was 14, starting to feel like I needed something to rebel against and getting pretty serious about drumming. Blink-182 had all those vague autonomous references to someone or something not being cool, or something like that. More than enough for an impressionable young person like me to be like, "Yeah, Right on! Fuck whoever these guys are talking about!"."

"Second of all they had Travis Barker. Dude is a metronomes nuclear powered pocket watch. Dude is a 5'10" tornado that just hit the warehouse of the regional distributer of drumsticks to the whole west coast of the United States. His cymbals up so high even John Stanier (Battles) would have said "whoa, that's a bit much" and he had his snare tuned so tight it sounded like a miniature cows cowbell.
Also, for me it was the perfect stepping stone into the wonderful world of screamo that was really starting to take off. So emotional."


The record that made me want to be in a band was…

"Probably just a song rather than a whole record. And not even the original song. It was Nirvana - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. But of course any drug free, sane mum wouldn't let a pre-teen kid listen to Nirvana, I got to listen to the Weird Al Yankovic parody, 'Smells Like Nirvana'. Somehow, even with it's arguably hilarious lyrical mockery it still managed to emit a rush of raw youthful exuberance. I had no idea what the song was about, neither did Weird Al, but that was point. It was just fun. And before you hit your teenage years; where you start to notice girls, and suddenly everything you think people are thinking becomes your every waking moments concern, fun is what life is all about."


The record I've played more than any other is…

"It's The Drones - Havilah. I have this conversation with someone new every week in London.
"Do you listen to The Drones?"
"Nah, who are The Drones?"
"Fuck you"
I guess it's understandable that a band who's sound is so defined by their nationality wouldn't strike a chord with people not in that country. But that's what makes them such a staple in everyday Australian life. If you got a problem, Gareth Liddiard said something vaguely related to your problem somewhere in the middle of that four-minute long third verse. For one of the greatest poets of our current musical era it's funny that he has a voice not dissimilar to Fran The Nanny's if she was holding her nose and talking through a fender amp."


The record that always make me feel good is…

"This has got to be Ceremony - Rhonert Park. 40 years after the peak of hardcore punk I listen to this album and almost feel like I know what those kids were feeling at that time. Rhonert Park is our own modern classic punk album to hold and to cherish. It was so unexpected, excellent execution, attitude and lyrical content were spot on, true punk record. As waves of mediocrity pound the shoreline of our weary attention span sand dunes, this kind of record is the motorboat that cuts through the shit and takes us out into deeper waters, giving hope for human kind to survive this oncoming tsunami of hopelessness."


The record I turn to when I'm feeling down is…

"It's Nails - Abandon All Life. Kurt Ballou nailed this recording. Without Kurt, Nails would just be another run of the mill heavy band. But the instant gratification of hearing, in such high definition and crystal clear clarity, every grinding, guttural, skin peeling, gutter stomp a litter of kittens, blending a new born family of snails with salt blades, note makes this record perfect for having an angry times night in."


The record I think is the most underrated of all time is…

"I've got to say Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come. It WAS underrated. But how stoked were we when we heard news of the reunion. At first they were saying they were only going to play Coachella and that was it. So we started looking into how we were going to all get to Coachella to see this once in a lifetime set from our heroes. So glad the record started getting recognised right as we were going through high school. It was exactly what we needed to hear and could relate to, even though it was already almost 10 years old. Our plan fell through, we couldn't make it to Coachella. But soon after that show, Refused announced a world tour..."


The record with my favourite cover art is…

"Total Control - Henge Beat. It had to be done. Someone had to do it. And what's more perfect is that it wasn't just some shitty nobody, my dad's in a blues band, shitty band. It was Total Control. It's so perfectly shit. You could throw your drunken, blindfolded, left handed 2 year old on Microsoft 95 Paint for 3 hours straight and they still wouldn't come up with something as shitty as this. I can see this cover being in the History Museums 200 years from now, everyday thousands of people walking past scoffing and muttering under their breath, "I could have done that"."


The record with my favourite title is…

"Joe Satriani - Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock. Obvious why this my choice. Because I'm a lazy prick. I like my new album's name, 'Gubba'. It's just fun to say, Gub-ba. Gubbagubbagubbagubba."


The record I can't understand why everybody loves is…

"The National - Any of their records. I understand why people love The National. I'm pretty sure it's BECAUSE they're boring. They're so safe, when the nuclear 3rd world war erupts, the US government will take evasive action, relocate the President and make a B-line for the closest The National gig and bunker down. Maybe I'm just too impatient and immature. Which I am. And, well, goddamn this shit is BORING!!!!!"


The last record I bought was…

"It was Dirty Beaches - Badlands. It's just so supremely cool. Great production. Such a great record tonally. Excellent use of that sample from Francoise Hardy's 'Voila'. Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches) is just a prolific dude. I got a lot of time for people who make a lot of shit and continue to make it. There hasn't been a lot of records that I've really listened to a lot in the past year, mainly because I'm getting too old and cynical and jealous of younger musicians success, but this one definitely got a lot of rotation."


The records I'm most looking forward to hearing in 2014 is…

"Can't wait to hear what ever Flying Lotus is doing, Total Control - Typical System, Ceremony's new stuff, East Link - Mullum Mullum LP, anything else Mikey Young is making, Destruction Unit's new stuff, Weedeater's new stuff, Lightning Bolt's new stuff, and Death Grips' new stuff."


The greatest record of all time is…

"It's got to be Minor Threat - Complete Discography. I'm not a huge 'greatest of all time' kind of guy. So this question is hard. But who doesn't love Minor Threat? A lot of these songs are about countering popular culture and being different but a lot of them were also about the punk scene and were intrinsically directed. It's ironic that Minor Threat have become an icon and a staple in punk and hardcore peoples appetites but, quite generally speaking, for a lot of 'alternative' people, many of the messages in Minor Threats' music have passed right over their heads. I guess these days it's more of a prepared aesthetic. Okay, I'm getting off my high horse. Minor Threat are fucking sweet!"


Jonathan Boulet's new album Gubba is released on September 1st and can be pre-ordered in store now. You can check out his back catalogue in our digital store by clicking here. 

Jonathan Boulet - New Album 2014 - GUBBA

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