My Record Collection - June 7, 2017

My Record Collection by Tom Williams (Vinyl Edition)
by Nick
by Nick hmv London, Bio Cat in the wall, eh? Ok, now you're talking my language.

My Record Collection by Tom Williams (Vinyl Edition)

In My Record Collection, we dig down to the bottom of musicians' souls to find out what the most treasured parts of their record collection are. This week we talk to indie rocker, Tom Williams...


The first LP I bought was…

"Rubber Soul by The Beatles. Bought it in a market in Camden when I was about 16 and feeling very smug for being there at all. Probably paid way too much for it."


The LP I’ve played more than any other is…

"Street Legal by Bob Dylan. It was one of next couple of records I got after Rubber Soul, you’d find it in every bargain bin in every dusty record shop. This and Imagine by John Lennon. This album always sounds like summer to me."


The coolest cover in my collection is…

"Harvest by Neil Young is a perfect cover for me. Graphic design at it’s most concise, poetic and articulate."


The rarest LP I own is…

"I don’t tend to gravitate towards rare stuff, I rather buy records I want to listen to and I buy a lot of new vinyl from my local record shop. I do have an original early pressing from 1963 of, ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’."


The strangest LP I own is…

"I have a Happy Days rock ’n’ roll compilation with Fonzie’s face on the front, it’s got about 15 tracks on each side somehow and I don’t even know where I got it. It is pretty awesome though and always comes out at parties."


The last LP I bought was…

"‘Honest Life’ by Courtney Marie Andrews and Joan Shelly’s new self titled album, both fantastic and well worth a listen."


The LP I can’t wait to purchase is…

"I might see if I can find the Harry album on vinyl…"


My most treasured LP is…

"I love them all."


You can pick up Tom Williams' new album All Change here on hmv's online store

All Change
All Change Tom Williams

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My Record Collection

My Record Collection

My Record Collection