December 2, 2013

My Top 10 Albums of 2013 by Luke Sital-Singh
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My Top 10 Albums of 2013 by Luke Sital-Singh

For every day of December, we're going to be bringing out the Top 10 albums or films of the year, chosen by someone who we think has excellent taste to show off.

Today it's fast-rising singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh, who's currently recording his debut album with former Snow Patrol member Iain Archer, which he says is almost finished. ''It’s 80% done, I’ve got nine songs recorded and it’s 99% written. There’s a little bit more to do, but hopefully it’ll be in pretty good shape before the end of the year. It’s being mixed in February so I need to get it done by then’’. 

Let's see what you make of his choices...


10. Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle

''I'd actually written Laura Marling off before this album came out. I loved her first album, especially given how young she was when she wrote it, but I thought all the albums that came after that were basically the same again. I think this album is a complete refinement of what she does and I think this, as a whole, it's the best thing she's produced''. 


9. Villagers - Awayland

''This is a great record. I didn't really listen to their first album, but I went on tour with them earlier this year and it was my favourite ever tour. They're an amazing bunch of guys and great to be around so as well as being a good album, it brings back fond memories of that tour. I think it's arranged really interestingly, there's lot going on, but it's also very poetic''. 


8. Joshua James - Well Then I'll Go To Hell

''This is a bit of a weird one. This is an album of Modest Mouse covers, a band I've never really listened to. I'm a big Joshua James fan, I discovered him relatively recently, he's from the Americana, Ryan Adams kind of world and he's fantastic. I've only had it for a couple of days, but his voice is incredible and he's made me want to listen to Modest Mouse now''. 


7. Keaton Henson - Birthdays

''I love Keaton, he's such a weird guy. He's just this strange guy who doesn't seem play by any rules, but just loves making music. It's very simple, very honest, but although it's similar in sound to Laura Marling and Villagers, Keaton really lets you into his world and you can't help but feel very intimate with him. It's completely laid bare, it's amazing''. 

Modern Vampires of the City
Modern Vampires of the City Vampire Weekend
Keaton Henson
Keaton Henson
Sigur Rós
Sigur Rós

6. Sigur Rós - Kveikur

''Sigur Ros are one of my favourite bands, I love all their epic, soundscapey music, it's really great to read to actually. This isn't my favourite Sigur Ros album, but it's still great, it's really moving. Lyrics are really important to me usually, but with Sigur Ros I come at them from a completely different place, I make no connections through the words, just how the music moves. They're the one band who, if I turn them on, no matter what mood I'm in, they can take me somewhere else, somewhere better''. 


5. Half Moon Run - Dark Eyes

''They're another recent discovery. They're one of those bands who, because they seem quite trendy and cool, I assumed I wouldn't be that into them, but they're great. They're quite unique and the singer's got a great voice, I'm not usually a fan of such chipper music, I usually like darker stuff, but every now and then there's a band that get it's right and they bring me round. There's lot going on here, so many great songs''.


4. Josh Ritter - The Beast In Its Tracks 

''I've been a Josh Ritter fan for a long time and I think he's one of the best songwriters around. His lyrics are astoundingly good and he can write brilliant story songs that are like little novels about the weirdest things, like there's this song about an archaeologist falling in love with a mummy. This was a grower for me, but after the third or fourth listen I was just in love with it. It was written after he got divorced and there's just every bit of the spectrum of emotion on here. It's incredibly well-done, it's not tacky or cheesy at all, just really interesting''. 


3. Cold Crows Dead - I Fear A New World

''This is actually a band featuring two friends of mine and it's just brilliant. It takes a lot of inspiration from Sparklehorse, who they both loved and it's amazing. My friend Paul, who produced it, is a complete genius with instrumentation and there's loads of weird instruments like theremins all over it. It's the same darkness that Sparklehorse had, but with great songs. I really hope it takes off for them''. 





2. Volcano Choir - Repave

''I'm a big Bon Iver fan and I will follow Justin Vernon around wherever he goes musically. This is his band with some guys from Collections of Colonies of Bees and although I liked their first album, I thought it was a bit indulgent. This is a lot more of a full album, it's full-on post rock. It sounds a little bit like a Bon Iver record, even though he didn't write any of the music, he just came in and sang the top-line melody, but his voice is so unique that it always bring it back to that. It's really inventive and gets better as you listen. I bought it on vinyl earlier this year and I've just played it to death''. 


1. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City

''I've never really listened to Vampire Weekend before, I thought they were a bit too pop and trendy for me and I don't know why I listened to this one, maybe it was because it was getting so many great reviews. I gave it a go and I just think it's one of the most interesting albums of the past few years. Everything about it is fun, but I don't find that off-putting at all, where I normally would. It's a really unique thing for me to listen an album like this so I've kept coming back to it. It's absolutely great''.



Vampire Weekend - Step

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