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Nick Jonas’s Self-Titled LP – What You Need To Know
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Nick Jonas’s Self-Titled LP – What You Need To Know

The youngest Jonas brother returns with his first solo album in a decade today, here’s everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

This is actually Nick Jonas’s second album as a solo artist, but it’s basically his debut. That’s because his first album came back in 2005, when he was just 12 years and it’s pretty hard to find now. That was before he teamed up with her brothers Joe and Kevin to form The Jonas Brothers, the band in which he toured the world, sold over 17 million albums and even had his own TV show.

He and his brothers announced their split as a band in 2013 and Jonas has now focused on his solo career. After a bit of a dabble in acting, he’s back focused on music again, and, after support tours with Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson, he released in the US late last year and it’s now coming out in the UK.


Who’s producing it?

Jonas has called in the big guns for this album. ‘Chains’ is co-written with Ammar Malik, who helped Maroon 5 write the monster smash ‘Moves Like Jagger’, Daniel Omelio, better known as Robopop, who has penned big hits with Charli XCX and Ke$ha, and R’n’B star Taio Cruz, who helped Jonas pen ‘I Want You’. There are a myriad of credits though and Jonas clearly spent a lot of time in the studio before narrowing down his song choices.


Any special guests?

Alongside the roster of big-time writers and producers, Jonas has also called on three special guests. Angel Haze helps him out on ‘Numb’, frequent David Guetta collaborator Sam Martin features on ‘Wilderness’ and Demi Lovato joins him on ‘Avalanche’.


What does it sound like?

The album is a lot more stripped back than anything Jonas has ever done before. The tracks owe more to The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Migeul and D’Angelo then they do to the pop rock he’s made his name producing with his brothers. Icy electro, heavy beats and lots of attention on the vocals, it’s a very brave step forward.


Does it deliver?

It’s a good slinky pop record. This is Jonas’s attempt to do a Justin Timberlake, to break out of the squeaky clean boyband and into manhood, to become a proper popstar and it’s a pretty good start.


Nick Jonas’s self-titled album is released into hmv stores today. You can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page. 

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