January 28, 2014

Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile picks his 10 Favourite N64 Games
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Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile picks his 10 Favourite N64 Games

As part of Of Mice & Men's takeover, each member will be curating their own personal Top 10, singer Austin Carlile has picked his 10 favourite games for the N64...


10. Pokemon Snap

"I have no shame. Yes this made my top 10; yes I would still play it on the bus. Yes it helps with your photography skills and YES there is not much cooler than the original 151 Pokemon. I'm forever a fan!"


9. Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

"So many worlds and levels and classic characters through out. From taking hours to beat Boba Fett to flying a snow speeder around the legs of an on coming AT-AT. Which was never easy. Even getting to see IG-88 and kill a plethora of Storm Troopers!"


8. Madden NFL 2000

"Hands down my favorite football game. No not NFL Blitz. My team is the Cowboys! Playing this now I'd shake my head but this was a childhood classic to me! EA SPORTS ITS IN THE GAME!"


7. Mario Kart

"Give me Yoshi and I'll beat anyone. I know all the shortcuts, and I can't be touched with three red shells. Especially on the Donkey Kong road!"


6. Super Smash Bros

"Could spend hours playing this, especially on the great starfox level! My characters were fox and Link. Let's go!!"


5. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

"There's not much more exciting than this game if you were a Star Wars fan that long ago. I played this game as often as I could. Favourite being the A-wing! And after I beat the game getting the cheat codes to fly a tie fighter AND millennium falcon?! Love it!!"


4. Super Mario 64

"The original! Huge worlds! Huge adventures! And picking up Bowser by the tail and spinning the stick to throw him off, not just into the fire, but directly into a bomb bomb? Yep! And getting the different hats with powers? I'd get the wings and spend all day just flying around bomb bomb mountain."


3. GoldenEye 007

"64 classic, spot on with the movie. Who remembers the golden gun? And multiple with proximity mines? Champ!"


2. WaveRacer

"Shouldn't be this high up but this was the first video game I had ever really played. Some of my best memories were playing this and Mario Golf with my family. I could do all the tricks and don't even test me at time trials, I know all the secrets in every level. The port harbour level was my favourite."


1. StarFox64

"I can be the entire game, on the far left track (expert) without losing a single wing. Maybe some laser power, but never a wing. Even against final boss Andross. No one can touch me at this game. SLIPPY PEPPY FALCO!!"


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Of Mice & Men took over hmv.com on January 28, click here to find read all our exclusive features including personal Top 10s and an interview about Restoring Force

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