January 28, 2014

Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force – What You Need To Know
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Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force – What You Need To Know

Throughout today (January 28), Of Mice & Men are taking over hmv.com. To kick things off, here's what you need to know about their new album Restoring Force.


What’s The Background?

California metalcore band Of Mice & Men arrive back with their new record as a very different proposition to the one that came back in 2011 with The Flood. After a multitude of line-up changes and a huge amount of touring, the band finally look like they have a settled group and a far more defined outlook and vision. This album has been hugely anticipated and was preceded by a tour announcement that sold in a matter of hours. It's all getting very exciting for Of Mice & Men…


Who's At The Controls?

After working with Joey Sturgis for their first two records, the band have turned to David Bendeth, the man who has made the likes of A Day To Remember, All Time Low and Breaking Benjamin sound absolutely huge. He's not made Of Mice & Men sound tiny either…


What Does It Sound Like?

Enormous. Although the screamy vocals and heavy breakdowns of the band's first two records aren't by any means gone, they have taken something of a back seat. In their place come enormous walls of guitars, choruses that are designed to be screamed back at the band from the backs of festival fields and arenas and a cleanish, radio-rock sheen.


What Are The Standout Tracks?

'Glass Hearts' is made for big summer sing-a-longs, 'Another You' is a slow, Linkin Park style builder that ends up in a huge crescendo, 'Break Free' sounds like a made for radio hit and 'You're Not Alone', which you'll already have heard, is a stomping sledgehammer of a track. 'Bones Exposed' is as heavy as things get.


Does It Deliver?

It certainly does. This album means business; it's Of Mice & Men declaring they want to be a big band. You'd be a fool to be against them getting there.


Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force is out now and available to buy in store and from our download store. 

Of Mice & Men took over hmv.com on January 28, click here to find read all our exclusive features including personal Top 10s and an interview about Restoring Force

Restoring Force
Restoring Force Of Mice & Men
Of Mice & Men - Bones Exposed

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