January 28, 2014

Of Mice & Men's Valentino Arteaga picks his 10 favourite Hot Sauces!
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Of Mice & Men's Valentino Arteaga picks his 10 favourite Hot Sauces!

As part of Of Mice & Men's takeover, each member will be curating their own personal Top 10, drummer Valentino Arteaga has picked out his 10 favourite hot sauces. It's going to get spicy...


10. Tabasco

"Most places that don't have hot sauces usually at least have this, so I'll settle for it when I can."


9. Tapatio

"A great entry-level hot sauce, some bottles are hotter than others."


8. Cholula Hot Sauce

"Another great entry-level hot sauce, more of a smokey hot flavour."


7. Dave's Hot Sauce

"This hot sauce was in the studio when we were recording Restoring Force, I put it on almost every meal while we were there, definitely pretty spicy!"


6. Chipotle Tabasco Sauce

"Normally I don't really prefer Tabasco cause it's pretty vinegar-ey but I love the chipotle zing!"


5. Tour Sauce

"Found this sauce on warped tour a couple summers ago, I always look forward to it when I go to Warped cause I can't seem to find it anywhere else though!


4. Xtra Xtra Hot Peri Peri Sauce

"From Nando's, we don't have many in the states so whenever I go overseas I stock up and literally put it on almost everything! So spicy!"


3. Gringo Bandito

"Dexter Holland from The Offspring's hot sauce, I live in Huntington Beach where the hot sauce is made and it's a staple on any meal I order at restaurants while I'm home."


2. Huoy Fong Sriracha

"Even though this hot sauce is in legal distress due to some issues at their factory, I still have a cupboard full of bottles of delicious hot sauce in case they go under!"


1. Lolita's Taco Shop Red Sauce

"It's made fresh every day at my favourite local taco shop in Chula Vista, CA and I loooove when they make it insanely spicy!"


Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force is out now and available to buy in store and from our download store. 

Of Mice & Men took over hmv.com on January 28, click here to find read all our exclusive features including personal Top 10s and an interview about Restoring Force



Restoring Force
Restoring Force Of Mice & Men
Valentino Arteaga, pictured second left.
Valentino Arteaga, pictured second left.

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