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Paul McCartney to release new greatest hits collection
by James
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Paul McCartney to release new greatest hits collection

Sir Paul McCartney has announced that he is to release a brand new greatest hits collection, containing a whopping 67 tracks. The new release from the former Beatle will feature a collection of tracks spanning the four and a half decades of his post-Beatles career, beginning with tracks from the early 1970s right the way up to 2015, with a remix of the single 'Say, Say, Say' set to feature on the new compilation.

The new compilation, entitled Pure McCartney, will be available in stores and online from June 10 and will arrive in a range of formats, including a 2CD set, a 4CD set and four-LP Vinyl set. The liner notes from the album will also include a message from McCartney explaining the reason for the new compilation's release:

“Me and my team came up with the idea of putting together a collection of my recordings with nothing else in mind other than having something fun to listen to... Maybe to be enjoyed on a long car journey or an evening at home or at a party with friends. So we got our heads together and came up with these diverse play lists from various periods of my long and winding career. The word career is a bit misleading because to me it has been more like a musical adventure than a 'proper job.' “It pleases me, and often amazes me, that I’ve been involved in the writing and recording of so many songs, each of them so different from the others. But on my next long car journey. this will be the soundtrack for the ride, and what a great ride it has been coming up with these songs.”

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