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Paul Weller opens up about his surprise new album Fat Pop (Volume 1)...
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Paul Weller opens up about his surprise new album Fat Pop (Volume 1)...

Paul Weller has opened up about the making of his new album, Fat Pop (Volume 1). 

Weller recorded the album during the first lockdown after he was forced to cancel his touring commitments in support of 2020's On Sunset. 

Speaking to, Weller said when asked if he'd planned to make a new LP: "I wasn’t thinking of making another record after I’d finished On Sunset, but having so much free time, I decided to turn it into something positive. The lockdown just allowed me time and space to write and also finish off a lot of songs I had half done."

The album is Weller's 16th solo album and was recorded in his own Black Barn Studios in Surrey with Weller assisted by drummer Ben Gordelier, Steve Cradock on guitar and bassist Andy Crofts. 

The singer revealed that while he hadn't been planning to make the record, it came together quickly when he put his mind to it, adding: "The whole album came together really quickly. We work very quickly anyway. I don’t think any song was hard to get right, I had a very clear vision of how it should sound. I wanted this album to sound more live and possibly less produced so it had more of a live band feel to it."

Among the guests on the album are Andy Fairweather Low and The Mysterines' singer Lia Metcalfe, Weller said of working with them: "They are both people I really respect and love the sound of their voices. Andy, I’ve known for a while now and I’ve always loved his voice. Lia, I met a few years ago when she and her band The Mysterines were supporting Miles Kane. I love the rawness in her voice."

Given the album is titled Fat Pop (Volume 1), naturally, there's already talk that a second volume might be in the offing, which Weller isn't ruling out, adding: "Vol.2 might happen one day, who knows?! I'm just keeping my options open!"

Weller is on tour across the UK and Ireland in the late autumn and is already planning his live set, though it sounds like it needs some work, with the singer revealing: "We are hoping to start our tour of the UK in November and then the rest of the world, including a bigger UK tour, in 2022. The live set at the moment is running into 70 songs! I think we’ll have to whittle it down somehow..."

Paul Weller's new album, Fat Pop (Volume 1), is out now in hmv stores and available here in hmv's online store. 

Fat Pop (Volume 1)
Fat Pop (Volume 1) Paul Weller

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