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Pete Wentz reveals how a t-shirt almost inspired Fall Out Boy to start a new band
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Pete Wentz reveals how a t-shirt almost inspired Fall Out Boy to start a new band

Fall Out Boy mainman Pete Wentz has revealed that the cover of the band's last album Save Rock And Roll almost inspired them to start an entirely new band. 

The cover (which you can see on the right of the page where the album is available to preview) features two young men, one of whom is dressed in monk's robes, the other in a black t-shirt. Speaking to this week, Wentz revealed that the black t-shirt was once an AC/DC t-shirt, which would have been impossible to clear for use, so he considered inventing a whole new band, putting that on a t-shirt and then creating the band, who would support Fall Out Boy on tour. 

Asked if the band would ever consider playing one of their albums from start to finish on tour in the future, Wentz said: "It’s not a thing we want to do. It’s too much nostalgia. If we could turn it into a project, like we did seven nights and every night was a different record, I’d be into that."

He then went on to say that the cover of their last album almost inspired them to start a whole new band, adding: "What we did try to do once is when we put out the cover of Save Rock And Roll it originally had the kid with an AC/DC shirt, we couldn’t do that, so I said let’s make up a band for the t-shirt and then make that band, then we’d make a record for that band, it could be a punk band, or a metal band, and then we’d open for ourselves as that band, but everyone else just thought I was talking too much…”

To read the rest of the interview, where Wentz opens up about the making of new album American Beauty/American Psycho, check back to tomorrow. 

Save Rock And Roll
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