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"We're incapable of understanding who we are" - talks to Pixies
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"We're incapable of understanding who we are" - talks to Pixies

It was 23 years between the Pixies' 1991 album Trompe le Monde and 2014's Indie Cindy, but the alt rock superstars have wasted no time with a follow-up. Their new album Head Carrier is out today (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and we chatted to guitarist Joey Santiago about making the album, their new bassist Paz Lechantin and why this album was almost called Cephalophore...


It was 23 years between your last two studio albums, but just two between Indie Cindy and Head Carrier, were you all keen to follow up Indie Cindy as soon as you could?

"Yes. That's correct."  

How did writing compare this time? Did you have songs left over from previous sessions or did you start afresh?

"We did not do any pre-production for Indie Cindy. We tried maybe twice, but it was just a big nervous disaster. We made Head Carrier by putting the songs together. Then making demos. We wrote more than enough for an album. Tom (Dalgety, producer) listened to the demo and said that there's an album in there. We went to Bath and did preproduction then recorded it in three weeks."

How did you want this album to move on from Indie Cindy?

"We explored the future with Indie Cindy. Head Carrier wanted to embrace the past."

This is your first time recording with Paz Lechantin as a full-time member of the band, what did she bring to the writing and recording process?

"Her suggestions and ideas were spot on. She has great chops. She's a one take Charlie."

You worked with Tom Dalgety on this album. Why did you decide on him and what did he give you as a producer?

"He had a cool weird vibe. He produced a cool weird vibe and has an excellent bedside manner."

Did you ever consider producing the album yourselves? Or do you think you’ll always need another set of ears in the studio?

"We are not that kind of band that could produce our music. We need someone that understands us. We're incapable of understanding who we are."

What kind of album do you think this is lyrically?

"Thoughts flying and crashing."

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘All I Think About Now’, described as an apology to your former bass player Kim Deal, did you discuss those lyrics as a band?

"I heard the lyrics. Loved it. That was about it."

When did you settle on the title of Head Carrier? Were any others ever in contention?

"It was going to be called Cephalophore it's Greek for Head Carrier at one point."

What are your plans to take the album out live?

"We'll treat it like our other albums. Sprinkle songs from this album in the set."


Pixies' new album Head Carrier is out now and available to purchase here in hmv's online store. 

Head Carrier
Head Carrier Pixies

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