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PVRIS give an update on their plans for "dark" follow-up to White Noise
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PVRIS give an update on their plans for "dark" follow-up to White Noise

Industrial pop rockers PVRIS have given an update on their plans for the follow-up to their debut album White Noise.

The band are currently touring the US as part of Warped Tour and will return to the UK for Reading and Leeds Festivals later this month, but front woman Lynn Gunn told that the band are already making plans for album number two.

Asked if they were writing new music, she replied: “Oh yeah. I’m always working away on new songs. We actually had a day off in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and I went into the studio did some scratch vocals on some new stuff, getting ready for when we have time to record. I’m not when that’ll be yet.”

Then asked if the band’s bruising tour schedule would inspire the record, Gunn said the trio would be looking to avoid that.

She said: “We won’t do that. I know that’s tempting because that really feels like all you know for a long time. There’s a lot of things happened with us, plenty of things go behind the scenes, that’ll be where I look. We have enough to write about, aside from that. I think it’ll still be a dark record.”

Then asked how the summer tour was going, she added: “It’s been great. We’ve been doing a medium sized stages (On Warped Tour), but the crowds have always been great. Seeing the difference between playing to people when they’ve only heard a couple of songs and when they’ve got the whole record is amazing.”

PVRIS’s debut album White Noise is out now and available to preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page. Their new single 'Fire' released today (August 7th). 

White Noise
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