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Robbie Williams’ The Heavy Entertainment Show - What You Need To Know
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Robbie Williams’ The Heavy Entertainment Show - What You Need To Know

Robbie Williams returns today with his brand new album The Heavy Entertainment Show (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and here is everything you need to know about it...


A little background…

It’s been three years since Williams released Swing Both Ways, his second swing inspired album, and four years since Take The Crown, his last album of all original material. In that time Williams has been a very busy man, he’s taken on three huge worldwide tours and put out his first collection of B-Sides and rarities.

After signing a new megabucks deal with Sony Music (reported to be in excess of over £150 million), the singer put together The Heavy Entertainment Show, the 11th full-length effort of his career, earlier this year.


Who’s Producing It?

Now fully reconciled with Guy Chambers, the man who helped write many of his biggest hits and who he fell out spectacularly with in the early 2000s, he and Williams are the key producers on this album, but there’s plenty of other big names on here too.

Gary Go, who has written for Rihanna and Williams’ former bandmates in Take That, is on here, as is frequent Madonna and New Order producer Stuart Price and rising songwriter Jackson Guthy, who co-writes a song named ‘Sensitive’.


Any Special Guests?

Lots. Two actually lend their voices, first up is Rufus Wainwright, who sings on a track named ‘Hotel Crazy’, and second is gravel throated troubadour John Grant, he’s on a song titled ‘I Don’t Want To Hurt You’ which is on the album’s deluxe edition.

There are plenty more behind the scenes too. The Killers have written a track named ‘Mixed Signals’ and given it to Williams, while Ed Sheeran has co-written ‘Pretty Woman’ along with super producers Benny Blanco and Steve Robson. ‘Love My Life’ also has a co-writing credit from Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid.


What Does It Sound Like?

As with all Williams’ latter day releases this is an eclectic LP. There’s the theatrical bombastic cuts like ‘Party Like A Russian’ and the LP’s title track, the shiny ballads, like ‘Love My Life’ and the big pop anthems, like ‘Mixed Signals’ and ‘Pretty Woman’. He certainly keeps you guessing...


Does It Deliver?

Another bold, brassy and cocksure album and it’ll sound great booming out into stadiums next summer.


Robbie Williams’ new album The Heavy Entertainment Show is out now and available to purchase here at hmv’s online store.

The Heavy Entertainment Show
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