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Rolo Tomassi talk new album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It...
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Rolo Tomassi talk new album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It...

As mathcore firebrands Rolo Tomassi return with their brand new album Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It, we spoke to mainman James Spence about how they made it…


When did you start putting together the songs for Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It?

“We started at the beginning of 2016, so during the tour for Grievances. We were really happy with that whole writing period and we wanted to strike while the iron was hot. We wanted to capture our live energy and put it into our new material. I didn’t want to just write, tour the record, stop and then start again, we wanted it to flow.”


In the past, most of the band’s material has started with you, was that the case this time too?

“This time around a lot actually came from our guitarist Chris (Cayford). In the past, it would be me, in my bedroom, writing a lot for guitar, whereas this time I just focused on writing for keyboards. Chris is a much better guitar player than I will ever be and it was starting to feel like an insult that I was writing for him. I wanted to focus on me and what I can offer. There a few of my ideas on guitar, especially in the early stages.”


How was the writing process?

“We demoed everything we comprehensively. We’re actually split between two cities now. Chris lives in Nottingham and the rest of us live in Brighton, so we can’t meet up every week. So we record at home and things fly back and forward over email. What was handy was me and Nathan (Fairweather, bassist) live together, we moved together just as we were starting to write the record, so we’ve got space in our flat and we have all our gear set up. So we’d get in from work and we’d crack on with new music.”


You worked with Lewis Johns, who you also worked with on Grievances, what did he give you?

“We had a great time making Grievances with him, it was by far the best recording experience we’ve had. We’ve got a lot of the same influences and we really get on. He’s got this great studio called The Ranch, it’s just outside of Southampton, lovely space, quite secluded. He’s a producer that improves on a record to record basis. He keeps bettering himself and coming back to this time, I knew he’d be even better.”


Were you able to work quite quickly?

“Absolutely. We saved a lot of time this time because we were so organised. Everyone knew their jobs. We’re not a band with unlimited funds, we had to work to a strict time frame, we’ve had to learn to be professional.”


This is your second album with this line-up, do things feel more settled now?

“Everyone’s very comfortable know and we know how to encourage each other. We had 18 months of touring Grievances and it’s really solidified this line-up. We’re as comfortable as we’ve ever been.”


What kind of record is this lyrically?

“There’s a lot of different themes, I know that. But it’s not my album lyrically. Previously me and Eva (Spence, vocalist) have split the lyrics, but this time I gave them to her. I know the record’s title spells out a lot of the themes. There’s a lot of reflecting on time, where you want to be, coping with death and grief. All that said, it’s definitely a more positive record than Grievances.”


Finally, how’s your live set coming together? You’ve got a lot of songs to pick from now...

“The last two records will be the main focus. Sonically they sit nicely together, they’re much more in tune with each other. We’ve played the older songs thousands of times and I’d like to persevere with the new stuff. Certain old songs will get brought out, but we don’t feel like we have to play anything…”

Rolo Tomassi’s new album Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It
Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It Rolo Tomassi