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Royal Blood open up about How Did We Get So Dark? and their biggest ever UK tour...
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Royal Blood open up about How Did We Get So Dark? and their biggest ever UK tour...

2017 has been a stellar year for Royal Blood.

It took them a long while to release a follow-up to their hugely successful self-titled debut album, but when How Did We Get So Dark? emerged in June, it set everyone’s mind at rest and went straight to Number One.

Now, on the eve of their biggest ever UK tour, we sat down with them to find out all about their plans for the shows and why they aren’t worried about getting any new material in the bank...


The album’s been with people for a few months now, have you been pleased with the reaction?

Ben (Thatcher, drums): “Our interpretation is mostly just from what we’ve done onstage, which is the most valuable thing for us, that’s been great, people jump around and go crazy to the new songs as much as they did to the old ones. So in that way, it feels like a success.”


Looking back on the album, are things you do differently now?

Mike (Kerr, vocals/guitars): “Definitely. But that’s part of making an album, it’s like taking a picture, you always wonder why you were wearing that. But it’s a moment in time and it captured it accurately. It felt like it took a long time, but also like we made a lot of progress.”


Your biggest UK tour starts on Monday (November 13th), how’s preparation going?

Mike: “We’ve been on tour pretty relentlessly and we’re always improving the song. The new songs have been toured a lot now. We’ve got a much bigger production, which is more planning than we’re used to, but the core of the show is still the two of us.”


Are there any shows you’re particularly looking forward to?

Ben: “Alexandra Palace will be great. We’ve got three nights there, which is more than we’ve ever done in the same venue before, but the whole tour will be fun. We never thought we’d end up in venues like this, it’s amazing.”


You’ve got At The Drive-In supporting you, which must be a bit of trip…

Mike: “It’s exactly that, a total trip. We’re such huge fans of that band. It’s also great because it’ll make for a f**king brilliant night, a lot of our fans won’t know much about them and they’re going to have their minds blown. We’ve got Black Honey too, a great band and good friends of ours. Having a bill this good takes the pressure off a bit. If we suck at least you got to see those bands.”


How much of next year is planned out?

Ben: “Most of it. We’re already planned up to April and May in 2018. We’ve got South America next year, we’re going back to Australia, some great places we’ve never been to before.”


In terms of the live show and your future plans, it’s still just the two of you, can you ever see that changing?

Ben: “Maybe. There are no rules with this band. I don’t think we’d rule it out. If it feels right and sounds right, then it’s something we’d look at.”


Have you been able to make a start on any new songs? Are you just focused on touring?

Mike: “There are always inklings. But we’re focused on touring and enjoying that. If I have any regrets from the last record it was trying to write too much on tour, I missed out on things because I was so keen to get songs down.”

Ben: “You put a lot of pressure on yourself to try and do both and you don’t need to.”


Royal Blood’s UK tour kicks off on Monday in Cardiff.

You can check their self-titled debut album and new LP How Did We Get So Dark? here in hmv’s online store.

How Did We Get So Dark?
How Did We Get So Dark? Royal Blood

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