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Scientists name new species of water mite after Jennifer Lopez
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Scientists name new species of water mite after Jennifer Lopez

A new species of water mite, which has been discovered off the coast of Puerto Rico, has been named after singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. 

The mite, which has been given the name Litarachna lopezae mite, was discovered in a coral reef in Mona Passage, the body of water that separates Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Scientists from the University of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Coral Reef Institute collected the mites between 2010 to 2012. They were discovered at a depth of nearly 230 feet, the greatest depth that pontarachnid mites have ever been found.

Biologist Vladimiar Pesic told Billboard that the scientists has chosen Lopez as she was someone they enjoyed listening to while they worked, he said: "The reason behind the unusual choice of name for the new species is ... simple: J.Lo's songs and videos kept the team in a continuous good mood when writing the manuscript and watching World Cup Soccer 2014". 

Pesic added that his favourite Jennifer Lopez track is 'All I Have'.

Lopez, who has yet to comment on the naming, released her new album A.K.A earlier this year. You can preview it on the right-hand side of the page. 

A.K.A. Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez - First Love (Official Video)

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