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Sharon Van Etten @ London's KOKO
by Tom
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Sharon Van Etten @ London's KOKO

After the release of her outstanding fourth album Are We There, Sharon Van Etten wrapped up her European tour last night (June 5th) at London’s KOKO and we were there to review things…



Sharon Van Etten, glorious songstress, who has just released her new album Are We There.



KOKO, grand old venue down in Camden.


Any good supports?

Lyla Foy, rising singer-songwriter, she was a little meek, but her songs are lush and wondrous. By the end of the show she had the crowd in the palm of her hand.


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

Van Etten’s songs aren’t the shoutiest, so it’s more a case of standing, nodding and appreciation, before applauding wildly in between songs.


So what was the set like? What did she play?

The singer focused heavily on material from Are We There, with 10 tracks of the 13-song setlist coming from that record, ‘Don’t Do It’, ‘Serpents’ and ‘Give Out’ from Van Etten’s earlier albums. It was incredible, with tracks like ‘Taking Chances’ and ‘Your Love Is Killing Me’ sounding bolder than they do on record and incredible live.


Any good between song banter?

Lots actually. The crowd might have been fairly sedate, but there was plenty of back and forth between Van Etten and the assembled throng. A highlight was the shout of ‘I love you’ from a male crowd member, to which the singer replied ‘Dad?’, before revealing that her parents often surprise her by turning up to gigs unannounced…


Did they put on much of a show?

Some moody lighting and nothing else, it required nothing else.


What was the highlight of the set?

The whole set was joyous, but in particular new track ‘You Know Me Well’ was stunning.


Where can I catch them next?

Van Etten goes straight into a big North American tour now, but she's back here in August for Green Man Festival. 



Sharon Van Etten’s new album Are We There is out now in hmv stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page.

Are We There
Are We There Sharon Van Etten
Sharon Van Etten - "Taking Chances" (Official Audio)

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