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Sia - What Are Her 10 Best Moments?
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Sia - What Are Her 10 Best Moments?

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, better known professionally as Sia, Australian songstress with the most distinctive of voices. She has been quietly beavering away for near enough the last 20 years, but it’s only in the last four or so that she’s really found fame. After guesting on tracks with the likes of Flo Rida, David Guetta and Angel Haze, she’s back on her own again with new 1000 Forms Of Fear on Monday (July 7th), an album that includes the already massive ‘Chandelier’.

So, if you’re a newcomer to Sia, we present a quick catch-up, her 10 best moments…

(you can preview/download each of the tracks in our digital store, with the exception of Track Three). 


10. ‘Elastic Heart’

This came out late last year on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and sees the Aussie singer teaming up with The Weeknd and Diplo, this meshes Sia’s glacial vocals with skittery hip-hop beats and The Weeknd’s gentle gruffness. It’s great.


9. ‘Chandelier’

This only came out earlier this year and has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide, but it’s quite an odd pop song. It has an unsettling instrumental bed with an offbeat take on R’N’B and reggae in the vocals, but it’s also got a massive uplifting chorus.


8. ‘Breathe Me’

Taken from her 2004 solo album Colour The Small One, this is a stripped back piano ballad, with Sia channelling her inner Regina Spektor. You’ll recognise the stirring piano from numerous weepy moments in TV and Film.


7. ‘Diamonds’

She might not be the lead artist on this track, which proved to be a massive hit for Rihanna in 2012, but she co-wrote the song and sings backing vocals. It’s a glorious pop song, full of ethereal sonics and underlying darkness that characterise what Sia is all about.


6. ‘She Wolf’

David Guetta’s glossy, day-glo colourful, sometimes lurid take on dance music is too much for people at times, but he’s undoubtedly at his best when his chart friendly dance-pop is married with Sia’s rich, soulful vocals anchoring his tracks. This is a full on club banger, the kind you’d expect to hear in Wetherspoons at 11pm on a Friday, but somehow its most affecting bits are when you’re just given a piano and Sia’s voice.


5. ‘Beautiful Pain’

This was one of the finest moments on Eminem’s sequel The Marshall Mathers LP 2, with the rapper in reflective mood and Sia, who co-wrote and sings the hook, in fine form. You’ll all have heard ‘The Monster’, this is just as good.


4. ‘Wild Ones’

It’s nigh on impossible task to inject a trace of humanity and vulnerability into a Flo Rida song, but somehow Sia managed this back in 2012. It’s got a monster hook too, hence it sold over four and a half million copies worldwide.


3. ‘Pretty Hurts’

Another co-write, this time for the world’s finest pop star, Beyonce. A glorious, uplifting track from her 2013 self-titled record, this was one of the standout moments on the album, it’s elegant, it’s ethereal, you can see where Sia fits in…


2. ‘Titanium’

This is the other of Sia’s musical hook-ups with David Guetta, this was a monster hit, selling over five million copies worldwide. Glossy beats meet with Sia’s soaring vocals to create an unstoppable formula, this lived in the charts for a long, long time and it’s easy to hear why.


1. ‘Destiny’

This dates right back to 2001 and saw Sia collaborating with British dance duo Zero 7 on two tracks on their debut album Simple Things. It’s a gentle lilting track, with floaty beats and a chorus that quietly seeps into your memory. It’s just lovely.


Sia’s new album 1000 Forms Of Fear is released on Monday (July 7th) and can be pre-ordered in store now.

You can check out her back catalogue here in our digital store.

1000 Forms Of Fear
1000 Forms Of Fear Sia

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