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Sigrid's How to Let Go: What You Need to Know
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Sigrid's How to Let Go: What You Need to Know

Three years on from here debut album Sucker Punch, Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigris returns with its follow-up How to Let Go. Here’s everything you need to know…

A little background…

After breaking into the Top 5 of the UK Album Chart with her debut, surfing a wave of success on the back of hits like ’Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘Strangers’, Sigrid spent much of 2019 touring Europe and North America before taking a break and turning her attention to album number two.

In the meantime though she did appear as part of a COVID fundraiser on BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge to perform a cover of Foo Fighters hit Times Like These.

News of a second album arrived in March this year alongside single ‘It Gets Dark’, offering the first glimpse of what to expect on How to Let Go.


Who’s producing it?

Sly, Askjell, Martin Sjølie, John Hill, Evil Twin and Zakk Cervini are all listed as contributors the the production on the new album.


Any special guests?

Just the one the guest appearance, with Sheffield rockers Bring Me the Horizon featuring on ‘Bad Life’


What does it sound like?

Where Sucker Punch seemed to alternate between brash pop bangers and lush power ballads, letting Sigrid’s impressive voice carry many of the tunes, on How to Let Go there’s much more depth, texture and variety to the production than on her debut.

Sigrid is definitely broadening her palette here, from the ice-edged synth-pop of opener ‘It Gets Dark’ and the gently infectious ‘Risk of Getting Hurt’ to the soaring piano balladry of ‘Last To Know’, but there are nods to anthemic rock on other tracks such as ‘Thank Me Later’ and the swelling ‘Bad Life’, and even hints of disco on ‘Mirror’ and ‘A Driver Saved My Night’.

Does it deliver?

Sigrid’s songwriting and vocal talent were obvious from her debut, but How to Let Go everything feels more cohesive, even as she expands the range on the production side, from which the new LP benefits hugely. On the new album, Sigrid sounds like an artist who is only going to keep getting better.

How to Let Go
How to Let Go Sigrid

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