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Slow Club: A career retrospective...
by Tom
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Slow Club: A career retrospective...

They might only be releasing their third album today, but they've still got two EPs and two albums under their belts, so we got Slow Club to brutally assess their previous work...


Let’s Fall Back In Love EP - Their first EP

Charles: “This feel likes such a long time ago. We got really into getting loads of our friends down to the studio and on all our songs. We recorded this with seven guys and seven girls, and there was one guy who was out of tune, but he was easily the loudest. Took ages to edit him out."

Rebecca: “It was the first time we’d done anything like it, so it felt really good to finally listen back. It is what it is right?"


Yeah So - Their first album

Charles: “I loved making this album, it was loads of fun. It was amazing recording it, we were so used to it just being the two of us that we had such a great time making the album with more going on, you can hear that in the playing.”

Rebecca: “For what we were capable of at the time, this was the absolute best we could have done. There’s stuff on here we wouldn’t go near now, but it’s not something you could have fixed at the time.”

Charles: “It’s quite wordy.”

Rebecca: “Your first album is always a bit weird, Bruce Springsteen’s first album, most of the songs have like 10 verses, you have to learn to rein it in."


Christmas, Thanks For Nothing

Charles: “Recorded, as it should always be, in the middle of August.”

Rebecca: “We just did this for a laugh. We wrote ‘Christmas TV’ and then thought it’d be fun to do it.”

Charles: “We just wanted to record something, that’s it more than anything, it was just a bit of fun.”



Charles: “It was really fun to make, but now we’ve made Complete Surrender in the way we have, I know the value of being prepared. We left a lot of stuff to the last minute and thought we’d make decisions in the studio when we should have decided what we were doing before we went in."

Rebecca: “We relied a bit too much on our producer, we went in thinking ‘We won’t need to decide that, that’s what a producer’s for'. We should have made more decisions ourselves, but it did lead to quite a lot of experimentation and that’s quite a positive thing.”

Charles: "Working with Luke (Smith – producer) was fantastic, he was a real mentor. I’d like to work with him again, but with a better set of songs.”

Rebecca: “I feel bad, because we leant on him too much and were a bit lazy. You learn don’t you?”


Slow Club are taking over throughout today (Monday July 14th), click here for a track by track guide to their new album Complete Surrender, a personal Top 10, a Twitter Q&A and a full retrospective from the pair.

Complete Surrender is available in hmv stores across the UK now.

Complete Surrender
Complete Surrender Slow Club

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